United in their goal: Soccer gets a new identity in the Twin Cities

With Major League Soccer and World Cup experience under his belt, Etienne Barbara is one of the Minnesota United’s most highly decorated players. (Submitted photos)

Everyone else on the team has escaped to the locker room after the clock signals an official end to practice. Only one player remains, running sprints across the National Sports Center turf and practicing shooting drills until he’s bent over in exhaustion.


Minneapolis Downtown East development: The Yard, and the Vikings stadium

In a veritable bacchanalia of developments, we have seen three major inter-related activities in Minneapolis’s Downtown East:


OUR STORIES | Fire and ice: Sierra Leone Samuels referees with a cool hand

“The boxing ring is my living room and I’m going to let you two play fight in the living room. But if you start breaking stuff and acting like fools, I will step in and shut it down...” - Sierra Leone Samuels, boxing referee

The boxing ring has a way of revealing character and teaching lessons. Those who enter unprepared or unfocused are often exposed. For amateur boxing referee, Sierra Leone Samuels, the boxing ring has provided a test of nerves, judgment, and reason—so far she’s passing with flying colors.


Vikings stadium design revealed

The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority has unveiled its design for a new Vikings stadium in downtown Minneapolis.


University of Minnesota Men’s sports teams get almost three times the money as women’s, raising equity concerns

Minnesota athletic director Joel Maturi, left, announced he would step-down from his position during a press conference with University President Eric Kaler, right, on Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012, at TCF Bank Stadium. (Daily File photo by Mark Vancleave)

University of Minnesota athletics spending has favored men over women in areas that show a lack of dedication to Title IX, the federal law that prohibits gender discrimination in education.


University of Minnesota plans tailgate lot for students

University of Minnesota students may soon be able to enjoy food, alcohol and entertainment outside TCF Bank Stadium before Gophers football games.


Women talkin' sports

Among my constant complaints about sports radio, besides its overbearing White male testosterone presence, is the absence of women voices. Even when White females are heard, they often act Gracie Allen-like as foils for the George Burns-like hosts.


On Boston and a couple of old shirts

A week ago today, without even thinking, I put on an old grey sweatshirt I’ve had since 1996 but have probably not worn for several years. It wasn’t until after hearing about the horror in Boston last Monday that I thought about the shirt I’d worn the night before. It was an inexpensive sweatshirt with the word “BOSTON” printed on it that I’d bought it as a souvenir of my trip to run the Boston Marathon 17 years ago. I got a chill when I realized I hadn’t even remembered that it was marathon weekend until I heard about the bombings the next afternoon.


Turning dreams into futures at Fort Snelling tennis center

Now that it offers programs for kids from 3rd-12th grade, Fred Wells Tennis and Education Center Executive Director Margot Willet says Tennis2College is fully equipped to function as a “pathway of age appropriate on and off-court activities” designed to empower kids to achieve high school graduation and college enrollment.

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