Coliseum closure leaves St. Paul hockey teams scrambling for ice

The Lee & Rose Warner Coliseum ice rink will close for good in February after Minnesota State Fair officials deemed it too costly to continue operating, leaving several local hockey teams out in the cold.


A new nickname for Minnesota's new stadium

The stadium formerly known as the “Hubert H. Humphrey III Metrodome at Mall of America Field” (HHH3M@MOAF) “Mall of America Field at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome” (MOAF@HHHM) obviously screamed out for shorthand, or a nickname. So most of us just called it “The Dome,” much to the chagrin of the HHH3M@MOMAF MOAF@HHHM brand managers.


19 Minnesotans named to 2014 U.S. Olympic Team

The United States Olympic Committee today announced the 2014 U.S. Olympic Team that will compete at the upcoming Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.


Chris Kluwe, the Vikings, and sports privilege

Utah has gay marriage. Say no more. It’s officially over at the highest levels, folks. You can’t spend decades legislating and ordering equality from the chambers of congress, statehouses, and the benches of the high courts before, eventually, it becomes part of our culture to assume that the state and society supports equality even if an obnoxiously large minority of citizens does not. Struggle is followed by reluctant acceptance and regulation which is followed by shifting norms. What happens then is interesting: You have to shut up. STFU in fact. If you are really against equal rights you need to do so in your head and maybe in the privacy of your own home or some crappy bar you hang out in, but otherwise keep it to yourself and stop infecting the next generation. Then, eventually, inequalities can be addressed without as much public fighting. We are moving as a society into that STFU phase.


Northside businessman Marv Wolfenson brought NBA back to Minneapolis

Over a span of 25 years, Marv Wolfenson and his business partner, Harvey Ratner, tried to prevent one NBA team from leaving Minneapolis, made a bid for the Minnesota Twins to keep them from leaving town and bid to bring an NBA team back to Minneapolis.


Winter in the Twin Cities: Outdoor fun

The Christmas tree, lights, and tinsel may be put away, but Jack Frost is here to stay...for a while. The early arrival of frigid sub-zero temperatures this season have made parts of December feel a lot like January. But no, we’ve only just begun, folks.

Maybe the old saying, if you can’t beat it, join it is the best mindset to adopt when battling winter blues and cabin fever. Why not add a bit of outdoor winter fun to your fitness and social routine? Bundle up and try something new!

Below we've compiled a few outdoor winter activities in the Twin Cities (and beyond), from cross-country skiing and ice skating, to winter festivals and sled rallies, that provide an incentive to get out in natural light and engage the snowy landscape. As always, we invite you to use the comment section to suggest other tips, activities, or events that help make the winter season a bit brighter.


Project labor agreement for Vikings stadium build brings all-union job

An excavator went to work right after the ceremonial December 3 groundbreaking for the new Minnesota Vikings football stadium.

Work on the new $763 million Minnesota Vikings stadium — officially the “Minnesota Multi-Purpose Stadium” — will be an all-union job.


The game within the game: Media scrutiny, scholarships can muddy prep sports mission

The smell of cheap hot dogs and popcorn. The squeak of sneakers on the laminated gym floor. The stands, filled with spectators and supporters, cheering every back and forth point like it’s do or die.


Vikings stadium, transparency, and 'understandings'

[I intend to make the following comment to the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority at their monthly meeting this Friday. It’s Friday the 13th, so wish me luck!]


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