How to improve the urbanism of the new Vikings stadium

The Stadium Implementation Committee meets July 18 and several more times in to September to advise on key design decisions related to the new Vikings stadium in downtown Minneapolis. This post is primarily concerned about the relationship of the stadium to its surrounding urban environment. In late May Oslund & Associates presented the landscape plan for the stadium, and the following are my questions, concerns and recommendations about this plan. I hope the Stadium Implementation Committee considers the following.


Summer fun at the Midtown YWCA

It is July, which is almost the middle of summer vacation. What fun things did you do in June? I am currently going to a fun summer camp each weekday. The name of it is Camp Butwin. We get to go horseback riding, swim in a great big pool and go on nature walks. This is my fourth year at Camp Butwin. I have a lot of friends there, but they are different from my friends at school. So it is fun to see them (almost) every year at camp.


Novelty 'bikini' leagues another slap to real women athletes

Women’s sports, with very few exceptions, still elicit sexist, chauvinistic reactions from too many males, especially those media types who see female athletes as androgynous, titillating, sexy, or some circus clown act.


J4 Soccer Tourney at Como Park brings out an All-American celebration

The July 4th holiday weekend marked the 33rd annual Hmong Freedom Celebration, also known as the J4 Soccer Tournament and Festival at Como Park in St. Paul. This year, for the first time, a formal invitation to attend the festival was extended to residents of the Como Park neighborhood.


Only Ones on the volleyball court learn to live with being different

This column, over the past two weeks, has focused on the trials of being an Only One — the only African American — as a reporter in the media booth and as baseball players on the field. This week we conclude our Only One series with a look at club volleyball.


Only Ones are common in the sport of baseball

Baseball supposedly is the all-American game, but today it looks more like apartheid: Whites watch a game mainly played by White players, while most of the Blacks at the ballpark are not fans but concession workers.


Community grown for Target Field

Next time you’re at Target Field for a game, consider buying a healthier alternative to your typical deep fried ballpark fare. Roots for the Home Team dishes up salads grown in community gardens across the Twin Cities. The program invites youth farmers from Urban Roots, Youth Farm and EMERGE community gardens to sell the salads during weekend home games.


Being 'the Only One' can render one invisible

The little boy in the 1974 movie Claudine told James Earl Jones’ character that he wanted to be invisible. When asked why, the frustrated youngest son of Diahann Carroll’s character simply replied that since his older siblings regularly ignore him, he might just as well be invisible.


Plans take shape for Vikings stadium, adjacent park, private development

Architect’s drawing for new Vikings stadium: “largest glass pivoting doors in the world.”

The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority and the Minnesota Vikings unveiled the design of the Vikings’ new football stadium May 13.

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