Protesters march to Metrodome, denounce Washington team nickname as racist

Hundreds of protesters rallied outside the Metrodome on November 7. denouncing the nickname of Washington's NFL franchise, the Redskins.


OPINION | Again we speak against injustice

“Ake” is a word we use in Lakota to express our frustration. It's translated as “again.” Growing up on the Rosebud reservation, I would hear my parents say, “Ake!” when someone unnecessarily repeated themselves, made another promise that may have been suspect or when another frustration took hold in the family or in the community.


Change the Name protest — Video report

AIM Twin Cities, Little Earth of United Tribes and Minneapolis American Indian community members gathered on Nov. 7 on East Franklin Avenue to protest the Washington team on during their game against the Minnesota Vikings. The event, led by AIM Twin Cities co-founder Clyde Bellecourt, featured Billy Mills (1964 Olympic Gold Medalist, Oglala Lakota), Gov. Jesse Ventura (former Minnesota governor), Nathaniel Khaliq (St. Paul City Council member, Ward 1), U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum (D-Minn.), Joey Browner (Minnesota Vikings, 1983-1991) and Betsy Hodges (Mayor-Elect, City of Minneapolis).


University of Minnesota panel refocuses Washington football mascot controversy on protecting youth

Bellecourt speaks during panel dissusssion.

On November 5, the University of Minnesota hosted a symposium on race in sports and media for a more in-depth discussion of the issues surrounding the controversy over the Washington football team'


Struggle against racist sports nicknames gives labor movement opportunity to discover its own history – and find a path forward

In early September the AFL-CIO held a dramatic convention in Los Angeles. With the labor movement’s segment of the U.S. workforce down to a meager 11 percent, leaders urged the pursuit of new paths, what they called “a historic opening in the labor movement.” President Richard Trumka called on the more than one hundred year old federation to open its arms to embrace new kind of organizations – worker centers, worker associations, and associate member organizations. It’s time, he said, that the labor movement become a movement of “the 99 percent.” He and other leaders called particular attention to the International Domestic Workers’ Network, the National Taxi Workers’ Alliance, United Students Against Sweatshops, and Working America, as they encouraged unions to develop strategies which used links with such organizations to build community support for workers and to fight against racism and on behalf of immigrants’ rights.


Target Center renovations, by the numbers

Dear Residents of the City of Minneapolis -


NEWS DAY | Protesting the R word

Despite protests and please, the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority announced October 26 that they will go ahead and allow the use of the derogatory team nickname of the Washington NFL franchise in the Metrodome at the November 7 game. The American Indian Movement — AIM of Twin Cities and AIM Patrol of Minneapolis — had called on the MSFA to ban the use of the mascot and logo inside the publicly-funded stadium and now plans to protest the game.


St. Paul's new math may privatize Como, Phalen Park's golf courses

All photos by Jack Steinmann

The fate of two of St. Paul golf courses was debated for nearly two hours in city council chambers on October 23.


A white settler's perspective: Listening and losing the sports metaphors

In my work as a journalist I have reported on a number of Native American’s stories. I have spent the past few years reporting on the Ojibwe language revitalization movement and the Dakota struggle to reclaim rights and recognition in their homeland.

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