Blacks still scarce among sportswriters

Back in March, I met CBS Sports statistician Harry Robinson during the NCAA first- and second-round games at the Metrodome.MORE »

Blacks in sports broadcasting: Exposure can increase numbers

Gus Johnson joined CBS Sports in 1995 as a play-by-play announcer.MORE »

I'm glad there's no baseball heart isn't in it

by Jean Gabler | 4/23/09 • My heart is just not in the game today. We had an okay opening week. We then proceeded to lose 3 out of 4 to Toronto. Our one win was an 11th inning victory, with Joe Crede hitting the game-winning double. We followed that series with a sweep of the Angels last weekend, and then we went to Boston for an unusual two-game series.MORE »

Press release of the day: Nienstedt got game

by Jay Gabler | 4/8/09
As previously, exhaustively, documented (see below), I get a lot of press why do I stay on the mailing list of some random church in Chaska? For the same reason that I donate a small amount annually to Mount Vernon—because their junk mail is so good. James C.MORE »

Vecinos en el sur de Minneapolis se reúnen para ofrecer sus ideas para cambio en Powderhorn Park

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(English translation in sidebar: South Minneapolis neighbors meet, offer ideas for change in Powderhorn Park) Residentes de Powderhorn Park se reunieron el miércoles 25 de febrero para discutirMORE »

Hot dogs for breakfast

by Jean Gabler | 4/5/09 • I have news for you on some of the festivities for the Twins home opener. This information was not easy to find on the Twins' Web site; could be that they have been too busy keeping up with the injury reports.MORE »

OPINION | More soccer fields, please

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My name is Reak Kueth. I’m 13 years old, I go to Green Central Park School and I live in Central Neighborhood.MORE »

St. Paul Parks offer help with fees

Because of the hard times facing families, St. Paul will offer families help in paying fees for children to participate in St. Paul Parks & Recreation activities.MORE »
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