Mauer returns, Twins continue to seesaw

by Jean Gabler | 5/4/09 • The Twins were just alternating between a good series and a frustrating series before; now they seem to be alternating between good and bad every other game. Last time I wrote, the Twins were taking a day off after two frustrating losses to Boston. They went into Cleveland and took two out of three. Blackburn and Slowey got wins in the first two games. Perkins pitched the third game and struggled for the first time this year.MORE »

Blacks still scarce among sportswriters

Back in March, I met CBS Sports statistician Harry Robinson during the NCAA first- and second-round games at the Metrodome.MORE »

Blacks in sports broadcasting: Exposure can increase numbers

Gus Johnson joined CBS Sports in 1995 as a play-by-play announcer.MORE »

I'm glad there's no baseball heart isn't in it

by Jean Gabler | 4/23/09 • My heart is just not in the game today. We had an okay opening week. We then proceeded to lose 3 out of 4 to Toronto. Our one win was an 11th inning victory, with Joe Crede hitting the game-winning double. We followed that series with a sweep of the Angels last weekend, and then we went to Boston for an unusual two-game series.MORE »

Press release of the day: Nienstedt got game

by Jay Gabler | 4/8/09
As previously, exhaustively, documented (see below), I get a lot of press why do I stay on the mailing list of some random church in Chaska? For the same reason that I donate a small amount annually to Mount Vernon—because their junk mail is so good. James C.MORE »

Vecinos en el sur de Minneapolis se reúnen para ofrecer sus ideas para cambio en Powderhorn Park

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(English translation in sidebar: South Minneapolis neighbors meet, offer ideas for change in Powderhorn Park) Residentes de Powderhorn Park se reunieron el miércoles 25 de febrero para discutirMORE »

Hot dogs for breakfast

by Jean Gabler | 4/5/09 • I have news for you on some of the festivities for the Twins home opener. This information was not easy to find on the Twins' Web site; could be that they have been too busy keeping up with the injury reports.MORE »

OPINION | More soccer fields, please

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My name is Reak Kueth. I’m 13 years old, I go to Green Central Park School and I live in Central Neighborhood.MORE »
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