Officials warn 'zero tolerance' after rowdy post-game Dinkytown crowd, law enforcement preparations underway for NCAA final Saturday

Minneapolis police officer sprays tear gas at a pedestrian in front of Espresso Royal on Thursday evening. People stormed Dinkytown's street following the Gopher men's hockey semifinal win against North Dakota. (Photo by Bridget Bennett)

A last-second goal from the Gophers men’s hockey team Thursday night sent Dinkytown into a three-hour frenzy as hundreds of rowdy people flooded the streets following the semifinal win.


Privatize intercollegiate sports

“Have we gone insane?” is what a Minnesota cattle farmer probably not much interested in March Madness asked. His question was a reaction to the news that Jerry Kill, the University of Minnesota football coach, had his $1,2000,000 salary increased by an extra $2,100,000, plus perks, for guiding the Gophers to eight wins and five losses during the 2013 season. Maybe winning isn’t everything. It certainly isn’t for everyone.


Northsider Brian Gregg on skiing in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi

How was Sochi?

Absolutely beautiful, according to Northsider Brian Gregg, who skied in three events at the 2014 Olympic Games. Although his last event was Feb. 23, he hasn’t returned home yet, because he’s skiing in Alaska. Last week, however, when NorthNews caught up with him by phone, he shared some of his Olympic experiences.


Why stadium support was an acceptable progressive compromise

How could a progressive have supported building the stadium? This question is asked by Professor David Schultz and others. What Schultz does not know is that the issue was not enthusiastically supported, it was accepted with great pain. Schultz, being an outside commentator, could not know this. I was in the middle of the discussion.


I lost a billion dollars today

I lost a billion dollars today.

I've never lost that much in a day, so I don't know how I'm supposed to feel. But it was sunny and gorgeous outside, so I know I don't feel as bad as I should.


Lacrosse clinics teach indigenous culture and engage community

Indigenous Lax kicked off its first lacrosse clinic on Feb. 15 with special guest speaker and Edmonton Rush player Jeremy Thompson (Onondaga). He also plays for the Iroquois Nationals, is a Nike N7 Ambassador and the co-star of a documentary titled, “The Medicine Game.” He shared his knowledge and experiences with 30 Native youth representing the Arapaho, Blackfoot, Dakota, Ho-Chunk, Lakota, Ojibwe, Omaha, Potawatomi and Yakama nations.


Moving forward: Four steps and six strategies for promoting LGBTI rights around the world

While viewers across the United States watched the Olympic closing ceremonies, Jason Collins became the first publicly gay male athlete to compete in a major North American professional sports league as he took to the basketball court in Los Angeles.


Minneapolis should get out of the golf game

Golf is a game. It’s entertainment. “It’s a good walk spoiled,” Mark Twain said, apocryphally. Could government provide a service that’s less essential? It’s hard to imagine.


COMMUNITY VOICES | Red Bull Crashed Ice—not for everyone

It’s likely that any number of St. Paul residents, well, people from all over the world, are looking forward to the Red Bull Ice Cross Downhill World Championship this weekend.


Red Bull Crashed Ice returns to St. Paul February 22

Red Bull Crashed Ice, the thrilling ice cross downhill sporting event, brings its world championship to battle the best of the International field in St. Paul February 22.

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