National religious right legal firm gets involved in MSHSL's trans-inclusive proposal

The Alliance Defending Freedom, a well-funded religious right legal outfit, has inserted itself into the debate over a transgender-inclusive athletics policy being considered by the Minnesota State High School League.


Minneapolis investigates banning Washington team name

After shaking up University of Minnesota administrators and other policymakers, the controversy surrounding the Washington Redskins has moved downtown to City Hall, where elected officials are mulling a ban on the NFL team’s name.


Karate for the community organizer's soul

Karate and Community Organizing, they have a bit in common, at least for me.


GLOBAL GROCERIES | Sports, whiskey, cool technology and food

(Photos by Stephanie Fox)

I got the Call of the Wild late last month. The Minnesota Wild invited journalists and local VIPs to the “See the Big Picture” event, to show off new digital renovations at the Xcel Energy Center. Of course, when new fancy technology isn’t enough to bring in the curious, just add free food and drink and a connection to St. Paul city pride.


BEHIND THE STORY | What's so problematic about equal rights?

(Photo by David Goehring published under Creative Commons License)

It’s disappointing that our Governor thinks supporting transgender student athletes is “problematic.” As reported by the Huffington Post, Governor Mark Dayton, when asked at a recent debate whether he supported “allowing transgender high school students to participate in sports based on their gender identity,” Dayton, like the other gubernatorial candidates deferred the decision to the Minnesota State High School League, saying it was a complicated issue. "Giving transgender students the choice of which team they want to play on is, I think, problematic," he is quoted as saying.


Ahmed Tharwat: NFL highlights America's favorite game, Insulting Islam

I don’t usually watch or follow football, let alone Monday Night Football. It involves too much hype and too much violence. It’s too patriotic, too black and white, too territorial — too American. A game that celebrates American exceptionalism.


Target Field, the Dome, and a competitive team: A re-evaluation

With the firing of Ron Gardenhire, it's a good time to take stock of the Twins owners' claims for why we needed Target Field and the massive public investment that required. Recall that the Pohlads and their spokespeople told us numerous times that in order to field a competitive team, the Metrodome was no longer a viable option.


Washington team name controversy sparks educational outreach

(Photo by Jeramey Jannene published under Creative Commons License)

Though University of Minnesota officials can’t stop the Washington Redskins from playing at TCF Bank Stadium next month, administrators are using the team’s presence on campus as an educational opportunity.


Minnesota League tables trans-inclusive policy under mounting opposition

(Photo by Sheila Regan) Becky Swenson expresses her opposition to the proposed trans-inclusive policy at the Oct. 2 Minnesota State High School League board meeting.

Zeam Porter just wants to play basketball. A trans youth who is a junior in high school, Porter played for the women’s team last year, and was constantly misgendered and called the wrong name. Porter won Most Improved Player, but today feels the trophy was a lie.


Facing pressure from anti-LGBT groups, Minnesota league tables trans-inclusive policy

On Thursday morning, the Minnesota State High School League tabled a proposal that would provide guidance to schools on inclusion of transgender students in high school sports.

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