Five Elements Martial Arts: Principle-based martial arts for the whole family

Five Elements Martial Arts (FEMA) is a nonprofit educational organization “dedicated to the empowerment of all people through martial arts, wellness, personal safety, and self-defense training,” located at 3749 Cedar Ave. S. since 2012. FEMA, which operates under the leadership of Shifu (Sensei) Koré Grate, will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2014. Koré holds multiple black belts (the highest level of mastery achievable) and is part of several regional and national organizations that promote the empowerment of all people, especially women, through martial arts.


North Minneapolis YMCA named for Harold Mezile, mentor

Beats and Rhymes brought the house to their feet with a rap that repeated, “I do my homework, I do my business.” (Photos by Margo Ashmore)

“Seeing a man that looked different, and had a background like mine,” solidified her commitment to the YMCA, said Stacy Guilfoyle, a youth support specialist. Having a person of color at the top had profound effects “on many of us from that era.”


Inside Minneapolis' 2018 Super Bowl bid

Organizers of the 2018 Super Bowl, which the National Football League awarded to Minnesota last week, boast that it will be a “public-private partnership” expected to bring millions to the Twin Cities and integrate with other local winter activities.


Food, farming, and football connected by research

For most Twin Cities residents it's easy to overlook the close ties between the University of Minnesota and the state's small towns. If you take a second to think about it though, the connection is clear. As a land grant university, they're closely related through agricultural research, football, and a number of other fields of study.


COMMUNITY VOICES | Minneapolis' Farview Park hosts inaugural Hmong Flag Football Tournament

Photos By: 
Jay Clark

Minneapolis councilmember Blong Yang gives pep talk to Hmong Flag Football Players

On May 3, Minneapolis’ Farview Park hosted its inaugural Hmong flag football tournament.


Minnesota mulls swimming lessons for all public school students

Hannah Lieder testifies before the House Education Policy Committee April 22 in support of a bill sponsored by Rep. Karen Clark, right, that would require aquatic instruction in public schools. (Photo by Andrew VonBank)

Swimming lessons for children in Minnesota are issues of wellness, civil rights and survival, said Rep. Karen Clark (DFL-Mpls).


In defense of the Dinkytown "riots"

Unless you live under a rock, or are a rock, you’ve probably heard about the so-called “riots” that took place in Dinkytown this weekend. The riots on Thursday and Saturday were directly – maybe indirectly – caused by the Minnesota Gophers Men’s Hockey team winning and losing on each night, respectively.


19 arrested as hundreds of police disperse crowds in Dinkytown streets after Gophers loss

Minneapolis law enforcement detain a man during a riot in Dinkytown Saturday night after the Gophers' loss in the NCAA final. Violence erupted despite increased police presence following a raucous celebration Thursday night. (Photo by Amanda Snyder)

A riotous crowd filled Dinkytown for the second time in three days Saturday, following the Gophers’ loss in the NCAA Frozen Four final.


Officials warn 'zero tolerance' after rowdy post-game Dinkytown crowd, law enforcement preparations underway for NCAA final Saturday

Minneapolis police officer sprays tear gas at a pedestrian in front of Espresso Royal on Thursday evening. People stormed Dinkytown's street following the Gopher men's hockey semifinal win against North Dakota. (Photo by Bridget Bennett)

A last-second goal from the Gophers men’s hockey team Thursday night sent Dinkytown into a three-hour frenzy as hundreds of rowdy people flooded the streets following the semifinal win.


Privatize intercollegiate sports

“Have we gone insane?” is what a Minnesota cattle farmer probably not much interested in March Madness asked. His question was a reaction to the news that Jerry Kill, the University of Minnesota football coach, had his $1,2000,000 salary increased by an extra $2,100,000, plus perks, for guiding the Gophers to eight wins and five losses during the 2013 season. Maybe winning isn’t everything. It certainly isn’t for everyone.

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