South, Southwest parents criticize Minneapolis Public Schools 5-year plan, process


2 thoughts on “South, Southwest parents criticize Minneapolis Public Schools 5-year plan, process

  1. Thank you for the article. I don’t believe the problems we have today are mainly because of poor planning by MPS administrators.  What I said is we are where we are today because of the people in the room—because of parents of privilege were and continue to be afraid that our public school district may make a change that will “disrupt” that privilege. I said that we in that room are not outside the system. That system we have in MPS is one that we helped to create. We all need to examine the role our “choices” have on the system—to acknowledge our role in protecting privilege, in perpetuating inequity, in creating the system we have today. And then we need to change.

  2. Scott, the broader nuance of your comments at the Area C meeting were hard to capture in a shorter article. However, I would encourage you to more fully express your ideas via the Community Voices segment here at the Daily Planet. That way, your points about privilege and fears of disruption, etc., could be better explained, with specific examples and a more authentic representation of your ideas. Submitting a Community Voices piece is a great way for people to share their thoughts directly with others. I hope you will consider doing so!

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