South Minneapolis struggles against rise in prostitution


2 thoughts on “South Minneapolis struggles against rise in prostitution

  1. The only way to stop streetwalkers is by making it legal. State regulate it and tax it and cordon it off to a section of town. Can we reverse the flow of the Mississippi? NO? Then subsequently, prosititution cannot be stopped eithethis. Women have been selling their sexuality since the Egyptians ruled Mesopotamia and people think that these arbitrary laws or going to control human nature? Prositution is caused by drug addiction huh? OK, and what was the reason 5,000 years ago? Or 2,000, or 200 for that matter? I sympathize with the victims of violence and the homeowners wh o see their property value plummet, but moralizing the Thou-shalt-do-this does no good, it simply does not work. Actual jail time for prostitution out of the ‘zone’ for lack of a better word, as opposed to slaps on the wrist. Tax it a 100%, regulate it by the State Health Board, and use some of the tax revenue to fix these raggedy downtown streets. Loss income in a time when any municipality can use the tax revenue is beyond silly to me.
    If people would quit moralizing and tackle this problem with rationalty, then maybe, just maybe, the community can obtain some sort of solution everyone can live with.

  2. Who wrote this article? Because the dumb meter must be on 100. First and foremost prostitution is not done because of drugs,or,alcohol addiction. Thats something you guys have got to stop lumping together. Are there drug addicted,acoholic prostitutes? Yes. Are there doctors,lawers,and everyday people that are substance abusers? Yes. So to say that ones environment leads to drugs and alcohol is pathetic. There are plenty of people out there less fortunate that are not substance abusers. Now as far as the gentleman that said, tax it. So what you are saying is let the goverment PIMP the girls. Because the law states that a PIMP is one who lives of the earnings of a prostitute. Why not do what other countries do and outlaw visible public prostitution. And let this as you guys call it, a victimless crime happen behind closed doors. Your locking women up for putting a price to somerhn that they can give away free? Are we serious? It cost the court 2000.00 for each prostitution case. And this is what we focus on SEX. As many murders and drug dealers out there people want to focus on consensensual sex between two people. But thats America. If we cant get paid abolish it,or make it illegal. When did this really become bad? If you watch any old western the brothel houses is where you would find the sherriff,mayor,and other citizens. But now we talk about the oldest profession like its the PLAGUE. Its SEX people plain sex. Move it off the streets, and let whats done in private be done in private. You dont need a goverment to tell you how to have sex. This is the LAND OF THE FREE. Right? Yeah I guess free,but when you put a price to it then you have gone waaaaaay to far.

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