MOVIES | “Soul Surfer” summons unexpected waves of emotion


5 thoughts on “MOVIES | “Soul Surfer” summons unexpected waves of emotion

  1. I SWEAR this movie made me cry. It is my favorite movie ever and everytime I watch it, i cry. Its the most amazing and emotional movie i have ever watched.


  2. Amazing movie, The best movie ever, amazing music. Amazing songs, lyrics and Emotions. I had to purchase the DVD and I kept watching it over 100 times. I have been enjoying watching it at least once a day.  I had to search for the movie director and I really wanted to say to him, thank you very much.  it is sean macnamara. he is a great director, Please keep up the production of such similar great movies. I will buy all your movies. I also want to thank the singers who sang the songs in the movie. Amazing words. I enjoy listen over and over. Thank you.

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