Minneapolis South High offers Somali language, culture classes


One thought on “Minneapolis South High offers Somali language, culture classes

  1. This is very exciting!

    My name is Nate but in Kenya they called me “Neti ya Umbu” which means Mosquito Net.

    I lived in Northeast Kenya for a year and a half and learned to speak Swahili all about East African culture. I lived around many Somalis while in Kenya and grew to love their own unique culture as well.
    I live now in the Twin Cities and am so glad to be living among so many Somalis again. I am very interested in learning the Somali language but am having a hard time finding a tutor to help me.
    Is there any way you can connect me with Dahir Hassan to see if he would be willing to tutor me? Or if he would know of a good way for me to go about learning the Somali Language?

    Thanks so much.

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