So you support the Minnesota Marriage Amendment


A pretty good conversation between an advocate for and an opponent of the Minnesota Marriage Amendment.

With thanks to my son Isaac and the Wilde Roast Cafe in Minneapolis.

4 thoughts on “So you support the Minnesota Marriage Amendment

  1. One item that is seldom brought up in the debates about this, is that in the original texts, the word translated as “homosexual” in English is actually in the Old Testament Hebrew the word for ritual temple prostitution, and in the New Testament is the Greek word for pederasty, a terrible practice (common in Hellenistic areas of the Roman Empire) of enslaving boys to men for purposes of sex — in some cases, boys were even castrated so they wouldn’t achieve maturity. Unfortunately for millions of gay people worldwide, King James’ translators apparently knew nothing about these practices and hence used the word “homosexual.” Why am I telling you all this? So you know for now and all time that the Bible says NOTHING about homosexuality. The Bible is a document of liberation and good news. It is good news indeed that temple prostitution is over and the practice of abusing boys for the sake of men’s sexual pleasure is now decreed a sin. Are you listening Mr. Nienstedt? Oh, sorry if I embarrassed you, Mr. Haggard!

  2. Jesus defines ALL sin as lack of love (Matt. 22:36-40). So who is unloved or hurt in a homosexual relationship? All other sins (adultery, divorce, theft, lying) have victims. Neither Jesus, His prophets nor the gospel writers mention homosexuality, let alone condemn this love sin. Throw out any New Testament references as lies: the word “homosexual” wasn’t even coined until about 1865, way after the KJV came out. 

  3. Thanks for your reply, Fred. When the California Supreme Court overturned the state’s ban on gay marriage, the justices ruled, “Extending access to the designation of marriage to same sex couples will not deprive any opposite-sex couple or their children of any of the rights and benefits conferred by the marriage statutes, but simply will make the benefit of the marriage designation available to same-sex couples and their children.” 

    Here’s a rebuttal: “Detaching monogamy from marriage [makes] it harder for parents to control their children’s education about homosexuality.”

    So there, I guess.

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