On strike at Sisters’ Camelot: Canvass workers, volunteer collective at odds


3 thoughts on “On strike at Sisters’ Camelot: Canvass workers, volunteer collective at odds

  1. One good thing about this article is that it doesn’t use the sort of language about “bosses,” “management,” “both sides,” and “opposition” that have too often characterised many discussions i’ve heard about this disagreement.  Obviously, given Sisters’ Camelot’s longstanding work with progressive/radical causes and events in the TC, this is way different than, say, organizing against Jimmy Johns — although, unfortunately, what I have seen is the canvassers union and their supporters in the IWW approaching the situation in very much the same way as a campaign against a big business.

    With any organization — volunteer, for-profit or non-profit — the long history, interpersonal conflicts, destructive personalities, collective dynamics at play, and issues of oppression (especially, often, sexism and racism) within the movement are far too complex for any journalist to convey, and certainly some of those issues are present here as well.  No amount of accusations of “lie and slander” will change that.

    As an outside observer who values the work of Camelot, the IWW and many of the people involved, it’s my hope that those involved in this disagreement will approach the situation with a focus on strengthening an important resource for our community, and more broadly, movements for justice altogether.  And I ask those involved to take some deep breaths and choose deep honesty and humility as their approach.  This is not a conflict with a winner and a loser.

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