Minnesota anti-trafficking model inspires federal legislation

Minnesota passed the Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Youth Act in 2011, laying the groundwork for a victim-centered response to sexually exploited children and those at risk of sexual exploitation. The Advocates for Human Rights knew when we drafted the Safe Harbor Act that it marked a sea change in how sexually exploited youth are treated in Minnesota by identifying these kids as victims of crimes, rather than criminal perpetrators.


Religious group calls Minnesota safe schools bill "child exploitation"

“Children are following the pied piper of perversion,” says Barb Anderson, the leader of a group opposed to Minnesota’s anti-bullying bill.


A new year, a renewed commitment to our neighbors in need

This month marks 50 years since President Lyndon Johnson declared a "war on poverty." There were huge victories in that war during the following decade, but after that, the federal government reversed course, cut anti-poverty programs, and our national government effectively surrendered.


Students petition to stop ex-gay therapy in Minnesota

A Minnesota student who was bullied as a teenager because of his sexual orientation has launched an online campaign to get the state of Minnesota to ban a psychological practice called “ex-gay ther


Safe and supportive schools

Of all the outcomes we track about Minnesota schools, our graduation rates may be the most disconcerting. Our economy and our future rely on a workforce more educated and technically skilled than any previous generation. The kids we fail, the kids that drop out, the kids our system pushes out represent a failure to realize the potential of our state’s future. That such a disproportionate percentage of the kids who don’t graduate are students of color dooms us to another generation of intolerable racial inequity if we don’t act.


Joining the grassroots revolution in the Catholic church

The Head of Catholic Church, Pope Francis is leading in a new direction that moves from a preoccupation with sex and back to the principles that Jesus taught – like caring for the poor. However, the head of local Catholic Church, Archbishop John Nienstedt, is the ultimate in a preoccupation with sex. Not only has Archbishop Nienstedt been involved in condemning gays and condemning women, he lobbied against the Child Victims Act that removes the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse cases going forward. One of Nienstedt’s priests has been convicted of child molestation but went free because the statue of limitations ran out. Over a million church dollars has been spent since since the year 2000 in lobbying for laws that allow priests to get away with sexual crimes while trying to force sexual laws on everyone else. Not only did the Archbishop Nienstedt coverup and defend priests accused of sexual crimes, he rewarded them with extra funds. His actions put others at risk.


University of Minnesota panel refocuses Washington football mascot controversy on protecting youth

Bellecourt speaks during panel dissusssion.

On November 5, the University of Minnesota hosted a symposium on race in sports and media for a more in-depth discussion of the issues surrounding the controversy over the Washington football team'


St. Paul teachers' union head advocates 'solution-driven' approach to close gaps

St. Paul Federation of Teachers president Mary Cathryn Ricker speaking at the October 23 Achievement Gap Forum in Minneapolis

St. Paul Federation of Teachers (SPFT) president Mary Cathryn Ricker spelled out her union’s new proposal, called the “Schools St.


'Creepy' and 'invasive' school district survey revised for 2013-2014

Minneapolis Public Schools teacher Flory Sommers

“We all feel like a family.”

“My teacher is distracted by other children.”

“What adults do you live with?” (Followed by a list of options)


Ojibwe youth takes on education reform through Minnesota Youth Council

Lupe Thornhill at Pow Wow Grounds Coffee, a Native-owned business on Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis

Guadalupe Thornhill, an Ojibwe youth from Saint Paul, hears many stereotypes about youth like her.

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