Making MayDay Parade, Ceremony, Festival happen – get involved

After two community meetings, and many gatherings, discussions, and meetings with the artists on the 2015 MayDay roster, the theme for 2015 settled on i


Getting There — Being There, MayDay

 April has sprouted two unique participatory events over the years.


MayDay Theme for 2015: …and still we Rise

These images are from April 4, 2015, the Saturday morning workshop at the Avalon Theatre, home to In the Heart Of the Beast puppet and mask Theatre (<


Minnesota college students face loan crisis

(l-r) Joyce Ester, Kent Pekel, Dean Barbara Butts Williams. Photos by Charles Hallman

Kids from low-income families, communities of color hardest hit by debt


Conferences and Connecting Communities

It's conference season, so now seems like a great time to talk about some of the events coming up in April that I hope will be of interest for many of my colleagues and students interested in educa


EMERGE Wins $10,000 Room Makeover Through Community Vote

EMERGE kids celebrate

On March 9th, EMERGE announced that they won the Twin Cities IKEA Life Improvement Co-worker Challenge.


Young Men Commit to Change: EMERGE Celebrates the North 4 Banquet

Photos By: 
Madeline Graham

The North 4 participants with their completion certificates.

On Friday, February 6th, EMERGE celebrated the achievements of the most recent group to complete the North 4 program.

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