Airport workers, disability-rights advocates join in push for higher wages

Demonstrators block traffic outside Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, protesting low wages and poor conditions for workers who provide services to travelers with disabilities.

A demonstration in support of low-wage workers who assist Delta Air Lines’ operations at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport began at today’s meeting of the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) and spilled into the roadway outside Terminal 1’s ticketing area, forcing lane closures and resulting in 13 arrests.


Universities, diversity and creating equity

A few weeks ago, I met with new professionals in Student Development. They were participating in the national conference of the ACSD (Association of Christians in Student Development) and had visited the Sanctuary Covenant Church, to “observe and participate in an intentionally multi-cultural church community.” I had been invited to join them for lunch and a discussion, their leaders were challenging them to see the importance of welcoming diverse students to their primarily white schools and creating an inclusive and supportive environment. As we closed out our time together a group of young, European-American, men asked me, “What do you see as the “end goal” is it, tolerance, reconciliation, diversity, inclusion or….?”


COMMUNITY VOICES | Third Annual Northeast Ride is fun despite the weather

The Northeast Ride, a guided bike tour around all the neighborhoods of Northeast Minneapolis, took place on Saturday, June 14th. It was a rainy, stormy morning, but despite the weather, dozens of bicyclists came out to ride a course that took them all around the Northeast Community.


A first ride on the Green Line – random thoughts

Like some 45,000 passengers, my family took the Green Line yesterday. Since there were 5 of us, we made up and we went both ways, and assume everyone else did too, we were in fact 1/4500 of all passengers (sounds a lot less impressive).


A chance to look forward on transit

The opening of the Central Corridor provides an opportunity to celebrate the two LRT lines that now provide service between St. Paul, Minneapolis, and the airport. It’s important to remember that ridership for Hiawatha (Blue Line) has blown past projected ridership for 2020. The Blue Line averaged 31,000 weekday riders in the 3rd quarter of 2013, significantly above the 2020 projections of 24,800 riders. It succeeded because it connected major centers of activity and is surrounded by areas of relative density.


Green Line opens to gray skies

Passengers wait to board the Green Line at Target Field Station on Saturday. Despite the rain, the opening day of the Green Line drew large crowds to ride the new light rail between Minneapolis and St. Paul. (Photo by Chelsea Gortmaker)

Steady rain put a damper on festivities along the Metro Transit Green Line grand opening Saturday, but it didn’t stop crowds from turning out to ride the new light rail that connects 11 miles between the Twin Cities.


Grease Rag: Safe cycling for women/trans/femme folks

Having a "safer space," according to Julia Winkels, means "one that is intentionally a place of respect and compassion, that goes beyond being polite or tolerant. We are making sure [people] are being respected and getting what they need," she said.


COMMUNITY VOICES | Lyndale Open Streets fills the Avenue on a beautiful day

Thousands of people filled Lyndale Avenue on Sunday, June 8 for the second Open Streets event of the season. Dozens of businesses were open as people biked and walked the street from 22nd to 42nd Street.


LRT – Greenline weekend

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. There is only one thing going on in St. Paul right now no matter what is going on in St. Paul and that is the opening of the new Green line.

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