A Southwest Light Rail explainer

August 03, 2014, back seat of a Toyota 4Runner, Highway 169, Central Minnesota:

“So what’s going on with that train stuff?”

“Ah, it’s kind of a long story at this point.”


Affordable rent gap widening across Minnesota

Rising rent prices and falling household incomes continue to put the squeeze on housing costs for Minnesotans in the lower income brackets, the Minnesota Housing Partnership found in its annual study for 2014, and the gap between incomes and rental costs are especially acute in rural Minnesota.


New federal law for Somali-Americans is a Minnesotan victory

President Barack Obama is expected to sign a bill that supports a large community in Minnesota. Thanks to the Money Remittances Improvement Act, which was recently approved by the U.S. House and Senate, Somali-Americans will have more freedom to send money overseas to their loved ones.


Plans for 5-story hotel in Prospect Park get some support in city committee

Just down the road from TCF Bank Stadium, a new five-story hotel may find its home seated alongside the Green Line light rail in a neighborhood near the University of Minnesota.


State court hears Hebrew National lawsuit

The long-running lawsuit alleging that Hebrew National hot dogs are not “100% kosher,” contrary to the maker’s claims, went another round in court.


Target (finally) backs marriage equality

In a blog post on Tuesday, Target executive Jodee Kozlak announced that the company has filed a brief in court in support of marriage equality in Wisconsin and Indiana, and that the company is publicly backing same-sex marriage. The move comes after several missteps by the Minneapolis-based retail giant.


A day at Farmfest: No tech talk with Gubernatorial Debate, yes drones for farming!

Today I spent the day at Farmfest. Originally I had planned to attend the Broadband Task Force meeting at Farm Fest but the meeting was cancelled; I figured this was a good opportunity to learn more about broadband and agriculture business as well as get a broad take on the priority folks in agriculture place on broadband.


Union vote begins among home health care workers

(Screenshot from video by Howard Kling) Home care workers filed for a union election in July.

Some 26,000 home health care workers across Minnesota are voting this month whether to join a union.


A home for the Vikings, but not for our children? A question of priorities

A longtime friend and a retired legislator has an expression that forms the basis of this blog: “Minnesota does not have a money problem, it has a priorities problem”. How true.

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