Power and privilege... to empower? Part 4

em·pow·er \im-ˈpau̇(-ə)r\

: to give power to : to give official authority or legal power to (Merriam Webster)


refers to increasing the economic, political, social, educational, gender, or spiritual strength of an entity or entities – (Wikipedia)


Open data opens opportunities for small business

You know it’s holiday shopping season when the toy commercials start popping up to lure toddlers, Thanksgiving dinner has to be moved up so shoppers can get to the mall and small business owners remind the shopping public of their unique merchandise and contributions to the main street economy.


The impending decline of second-ring suburbs

There is a small war going on in America’s second-ring suburbs.


New data demonstrates struggles without higher-ed credentials

Louis Johnston, a new policy fellow for Growth and Justice, has produced a timely and cogent analysis of labor market data presented at last month’s Minnesota Economic Association annual meeting. As Johnston writes here and here, both markets and public policy are falling short for those lacking higher education credentials.


VIDEO: Obama urges FCC to adopt rules protecting net neutrality

(Still from video below)

President Obama is asking the Federal Communications Commission to change the classification of the Internet to a telecommunications service…which is a wonky way of saying he wants them to protect net neutrality.


Transpo convo: Gardens in the mist

The “Transpo Convo” series asks people how they get around the city, how they would like to get around the city, and what could improve their transportation experiences around the city.

When one asks Jeanne Weigum what could improve her transportation experiences around the city, a conversation about public gardening ensues.


Big Meat flexes its muscles

It wasn’t the subject of a barrage of campaign ads this past month, nor has it been widely reported in the media or even debated much in the halls of Congress but new rules are being written right now as part of an arcane, secret process that will expand global agribusiness’ choke-hold over our food system, and you are not invited. A new report, Big Meat Swallows the Trans-Pacific Partnership, released today from IATP takes an in-depth look at what’s at stake for global agribusiness—and particularly the big meat corporations—in potentially the largest regional free trade agreement ever negotiated, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).


The case of the missing Lyndale bike connection

On the outskirts of many large, expensive, complicated public works projects, there are often examples of easy little things we could do to improve our cities for very little money. A couple blocks from my humble apartment, the City of Minneapolis is moving ahead with a rebuild of the Hennepin/Lyndale bottleneck that looks to be a real improvementfor pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users. Just south of that, though, is another thing we ought to do something about.


Brewing success: Deb Loch and Jill Pavlak work fast and furious to keep up with demand at Urban Growler Brewing Co.

(Photo by Sarah Whiting) Business partners Jill Pavlak, right, and Deb Loch of Urban Growler Brewing Co.

What can happen if you put a go-getter together with a careful planner, add hops and let steep? You might get Urban Growler Brewing Co.


Loan credit restrictions loosened as federal parent loan program aims to increase accessibility

(Photo by Simon Cunningham published under Creative Commons License)

As part of the revamps to the Higher Education Act, the federal government is changing its credit requirements to increase accessibility for parent loans.

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