Amend the Constitution to restore the democracy the Roberts court killed

Money is not speech. Corporations are not persons. Most of us intuitively understand that. The Supreme Court clearly does not. In Citizens United v. FEC, it ruled that corporations have a First Amendment right to expend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections. More recently, in McCutcheon v. FEC they struck down the overall caps on how much money wealthy individuals can contribute directly to campaigns and to party committees. The Supreme Court’s decisions are wrong and they deserve to be overruled with a constitutional amendment to restore the First Amendment to its rightful place protecting American democracy, instead of as a tool to suppress speech rather than enhance it.


Minnesota takes steps to make work pay

Minnesota passed two high-impact strategies for making work pay this year: increasing the Working Family Credit (our state’s Earned Income Tax Credit) and raising the minimum wage.


Lessons from Nicaragua

Nicaragua is not sending waves of refugees to the United States. Instead, Nicaragua, along with Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and Belize, is receiving waves of refugees coming from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. What’s going on here?


Death of driving: Greatly exaggerated?

American urbanists have been cheered by persistent stagnation in rates of motoring going back years before the Great Recession, but there are new hints that the dreams of so-called "car-haters" may


OPINION | Transit planning 'debacles' and the subway option

With a divided vote by the Minneapolis City Council last week, municipal consent by all six jurisdictions along the planned Southwest light rail Green Line extension was wrapped up, qualifying the $1.7 billion project for final engineering approval from federal funders.


Little Mekong Night Market drawing big crowds on University Avenue

(Central Corridor Funders Collaborative) The night markets are meant to foster community engagement and neighborhood pride.

Expectations were modest when the Little Mekong Night Market launched earlier this summer in St. Paul.


Report calls for more public space along Green Line

(Photo by Bruce Johansen)

The opening of the Green Line light rail has environmental advocates and others evaluating the University of Minnesota’s amount of green space.


Dinkytown hopes for commercial boost with new apartments

(Photo by Elizabeth Brumley) Students and parents bring belongings to their apartments on move-in day at The Venue on Friday, Aug. 29, 2014. The Venue is a new luxury apartment complex on campus.

After summer construction on new luxury apartment complexes in Dinkytown kept foot and car traffic at bay, about a thousand potential customers made the area their home last week.


Minnesota fast food workers join nationwide strike

(From video by Labor Education Service)

Workers at McDonald’s, Subway and other fast food restaurants in the Twin Cities joined a nationwide strike Thursday for $15 an hour and the right to form a union.

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