The case for optimism

A short time ago, I asked my friends on facebook if they were optimistic about the economy. Scratch that – I insisted that the negative case for this slowly improving economy was bunk and got an eyeful of responses. Needless to say, my friends aren’t in the mood for Mr. Sunshine, as some of the commentators here have called me. Talk about fundamentals improving? Show them the money. Building a strong foundation for the next economy is nothing compared to a strong roof overhead and comfortable home inside.


CNO endorses Bikeways for Everyone campaign

Image a citywide network of connected bikeways that make everyone from children to grandparents fell safe riding anywhere in Minneapolis. This is the vision of the Bikeways for Everyone campaign, championed by the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, and now endorsed by the resident member Board of Directors of CNO. If you’re passionate about biking, contact Corcoran resident Mary Robinson <CorcoranBikes [at] gmail [dot] com> to get involved in our neighborhood’s support of the campaign.


Pension subsidies pass the House

The long-term financial outlook for Minnesota pensions would improve if a bill that passed the House Thursday becomes law.


Minimum wage increase passes House, governor to sign Monday

Rep. Ryan Winkler makes his closing comments April 10 before the House takes a vote on a bill to increase the state’s minimum wage. The bill passed 71-60 and now goes to the governor for action. (Photo by Paul Battaglia)

After nearly three hours of debate — and several accusations that the minimum wage package was done as a “back room deal” between House and Senate leadership in exchange for a new legislative office building — the House voted 71-60 to increase the state’s minimum hourly wage to $9.50, phasing it in by 2016, and indexing for inflation starting in 2018.


If potholes could talk, would we understand them?

When a bicycle hits a rock, it is not social. But when a cyclist crosses a ‘stop’ sign, it becomes social. -Bruno Latour


'Memory and Place': Untold Stories labor history series begins April 22

The 2014 Untold Stories series focuses on the struggles facing workers in the past – and how they influence the issues of today. This year’s theme is “Memory and Place.” The Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library sponsors this series of free, public programs in honor of Labor History Month.


Women's Economic Security Act passes the House, heads to Senate

Rep. Carly Melin speaks during an April 9 news conference on the front steps of the Capitol to preview the House floor debate on the “Women’s Economic Security Act.” (Photos by Paul Battaglia)

After nearly four hours of debate Wednesday, the House passed the so-called “Women’s Economic Security Act” on a 106-24 vote.


Enough work? Supply, demand and the roots of income inequality

Income inequality is certainly the rallying issue for many progressives these days. Paul Krugman goes as far as to call it the one issue, the only important one. “Inequality is, indeed, the defining challenge of our time. Will we do anything to meet that challenge?” he asked last December.

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