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Thanksgiving... a day to reflect and give thanks for what one has. A day in which you have no room for greed. Wait I take that back Thanksgiving this year wasn't even allowed a day in for which "Black Frday" shoppers were in line hours before Walmart opened at 10 pm Thanksgiving day.


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The wise transit choice may not be the popular one...yet - Paul Nelson: Rail transit has a much greater leeway of operation and reliability over rubber tire travel in winter. This is the problem that our auto/car system suffers from. The expense to maintain roads in winter is enormous, and the accident rates in winter are high.


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The 13-year-old who made his plea for "More soccer fields, please" continues to get commentsMORE »

The power of speaking out

This week on a 6 a.m. public radio station news I heard the broadcaster say that President Obama "and his wife" are in Europe.

They are on Official Government Business.

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If you think outdoor couches are a hot topic in Minneapolis, take a look at Pittsburgh, writes one reader:MORE »

Baseball ties that bind

Jean Gabler writes: "I think it is always good to have a little baseball connection to the big events in life.MORE »

Figuring out DC

"A Nobel scientist is more likely to figure out Washington than a career politician is to figure out how to deal with carbon sequestration."

-- Dan Leistikow, the Energy Department's director of

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