Big Stone County residents speak out against Islamophobic remarks by county GOP chair

Update: At the Star Tribune, Jennifer Brooks reports 'Bigotry' on Facebook costs Big Stone GOP chair his day job. Brooks notes:

The Minnesota Republican Party, which condemned Whitley's remarks las week, has not yet responded to questions about whether Whitley will keep his postion as the chairman of the county GOP. [end update]

Since Bluestem posted Facebook status, Big Stone Co GOP chair calls Muslims "parasites," writes "frag em" at Mecca, Minnesota's branch of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has issued a press release calling for state and national Republican leaders to condemn county chair leader Jack Whitley's remarks.


Pope Francis speaks out on the right to food access

Over the past couple of years I’ve tried to focus on the seminal issue of the human right to access to food, an issue so complex, political and gnarled that I’ve given up the quest to plumb the depths – until Pope Francis brought it up. Truth to tell, the Pontiff didn’t conjure it up out of the rarified atmosphere of the Vatican – the challenge to unravel the issue has fostered countless efforts, stymied many and challenged human rights activists for a couple of centuries.


In Facebook status, Big Stone Co GOP chair calls Muslims "parasites," writes "frag em" at Mecca

UPDATE: Whitley appears to have removed his profile from Facebook, following a wave of condemnation from both Democrats and Republicans following Jennifer Brooks' post about Whitley in the Star Tribune. We'll be posting about the reaction shortly. [end update]

A status posted today on the personal Facebook page of the Big Stone County Republican chair Jack Whitley suggests that an understanding of the Minority Liberty Alliance's message of inclusion hasn't quite taken hold among conservative leadership living beside Minnesota's western boundary waters.


Share Dinkytown stories at a reunion this weekend

(Photos by Bill Huntzicker)

If you have Dinkytown memories and stories, you’re invited to share them this weekend at a couple of events and to reminisce about the area’s past and discuss its future.


Continuing Mount Sinai’s legacy

Mount Sinai Hospital was a secular institution, with a vision of access, healing, research and treatment to all patients and medical professionals. (Photo: Courtesy of David Grossman)

In February 1951, within a climate of local anti-Semitism, Mount Sinai Hospital opened its doors at the corner of Chicago Avenue and 22nd Street in Minneapolis. The hospital — described in the AJW as “a house of healing for all mankind” — was a gift from the Twin Cities Jewish community to serve and employ, among others, those not accepted elsewhere because of their race or religion.


Visitation Sisters celebrate 25 years of 'prayer, presence and hospitality' in North Minneapolis

(Photo by Charles Hallman) (l-r) The Visitation Sisters Virginia, Mary Frances, Katherine, Mary Margaret, Suzanne and Karen

Six Catholic nuns relocated from the suburbs to North Minneapolis 25 years ago. Recently the community and the sisters both celebrated that move at the Capri Theater.


Courage under fire: Girls on film

The Twin Cities Jewish Film Festival is spotlighting two female driven, award-winning films this week.


Local faith community escorts souls to the polls: Voting polls open on Sunday, Nov. 2 in Minneapolis

(Photos by Charles Hallman) Faith leaders led a march to the voting polls on Sunday, October 26.

Minneapolis residents now can vote this Sunday at City Hall and other precincts before the November 4 general election.


Ahmed Tharwat: The Hijab... my family and me

Hijab, the traditional Islamic head cover, has triggered lots of discussion and debate in the west for years, The west has been paying so much attention to Muslim women’s dress than Muslim women’s


Confessions of an unaffiliated Jew

In the 14 years that I’ve lived in Minnesota, our family has been invited to exactly five Jewish holiday celebrations, and three of them were within the last month.

I think this “statistic” speaks to one big reason why our family is still unaffiliated.

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