BEHIND THE STORY | Public dollars, private land and freedom of speech

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Two years ago, I attended one of the most amazing acts of public expression I think I’ve ever experienced. It was at the Mall of America- a Round Dance held in the rotunda where I witnessed over a thousand people, mostly Native American, sing and dance in a circle as drums played. Not a protest, exactly, it was really more of a healing prayer and a call to action, precipitated by the Idle No More Movement, which got started in Canada over tribal sovereignty issues.


Bloomington threatens to arrest Black Lives Matter organizers, not protesters

(Photo by Anna Min) 2,400 people have RSVP’d on Facebook to attend the Black Lives Matter protest at the Mall of America on Dec. 20. More than a thousand protesters rallied last week in downtown Minneapolis.

A Black Lives Matter protest planned for Dec. 20 at the Mall of America hit a snag this week when Mall of America officials threatened to remove any protesters and potentially have them arrested. The protest is part of a national movement aimed at raising awareness about police violence against people of color.


President Obama's executive order is a good first step, but the work continues

(Photos courtesy of Gamaliel Foundation)

Over past weekends, leaders of statewide nonprofit La Asamblea de Derechos Civiles have been gathering at local churches, meeting with the community, discussing the impacts of President Obama’s recently announced immigration relief.


[PHOTOS] #BlackLivesMatter momentum continues, protesters march on downtown Minneapolis

(Photos by Kristoffer Tigue)

Over a thousand artists and activists gathered in downtown Minneapolis on Dec. 13 to rally and march in solidarity with the national #BlackLivesMatter movement that aims to highlight the lack of equality and accountability in police dealings with the black community in the United States.


Reflections of New Minnesotans: Torture and the CIA

On this week's episode, Julia Nekessa Opoti and guest Ahmed Tharwat discuss the recently released CIA torture report. Ahmed Tharwat also discusses his personal experience as someone who has been tortured.


Ahmed Tharwat: My 800-words torture report

The release of the Senate Intelligence Committee torture report has brought back painful memories. Now everyone knows that our government has “tortured some folks,” as President Obama has put it when he wanted to be homey and cute. As someone who was tortured himself in an Egyptian jail, such charm is wasted on me. And contrary to what CIA director confusing knowable and unknowable thing, nothing is unknowable about Torture; The emotional and physical details remain vivid in my memory even after more than 40 years.


Torture done in our name

The long-secret “torture report” from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is out. Sort of. The full report, still classified, is 6700 pages of “comprehensive and excruciating detail.” What we got on December 9 was a mere 525 pages of Findings and Conclusions and Executive Summary. Even with lots of names and details neatly blacked out, this gut-twisting account shines an unforgiving light on evil done in our name.


Fire on the Bluff: Airstream pizza kitchen meets the East Side radio novela

Maria Avenue resident Barry Madore is planning two projects for the East Side that likely have never been combined before: a roving wood-fired pizza kitchen in a classic Airstream trailer, and a bilingual radio novela series to be aired on the soon-to-be-live East Side radio station, WEQY-FM.


[PHOTOS] #BlackLivesMatter protesters halt 35W traffic: “We’re ready for change”

(Photos by Katie G. Nelson)

The largest highway in Minneapolis was brought to a standstill on Dec. 4 after protestors marched down a two-mile stretch of I-35W from Uptown to downtown Minneapolis to rally against several recent, high-profile cases of police brutality and racial inequality in the United States.

For more than an hour, northbound I-35W was reduced to foot traffic, with cars backed-up for miles behind the barricade of police cars separating protestors from oncoming traffic.

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