Student documentary explores media portrayals of women

This documentary explores how the media portrays women and how that affects how women see themselves. It specifically links media portrayals with body issues and eating disorders in women.


Meet the Abu Huraira Islamic Center

Front row (left to right): Nur Ahmed, Sh. Abdirahman Omar, and Sh. Ahmed Burale. Behind them are Attorney Nikki Carlson and Sh. Abdirashid Tuure. Sh. stands for Sheik, a term for Muslim leaders and clerics. (Matt Grimley)

With a box of Little Caesar’s pizza and a chai tea, Abdirahman Omar sits down at a long table inside the building at 3055 Old Highway 8 in St. Anthony.


JABlog Reviews Recently Opened Eastlake Brewery

Photos By: 
Eric Wentling

Continuing the sordid tale of my recent mass brewery tour we move from LynLake Brewing at the edge of Uptown to Eastlake Brewery, further down Lake St


Sexual Violence Center heals wounds of ‘a rape culture’

(Credit: Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder)

Small, quaint, intimate, private, relatable — words to describe the space and the open house held by the Sexual Violence Center in North Minneapolis.


Residents get on board for Penn Avenue redevelopment

As reported by the Camden News last summer, the Penn Avenue Community Works Project has a collaborative team comprised of Hennepin County, City of Minneapolis, and Metro Transit employees.


City increases transparency with open data portal

Credit: OTA Photos, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License.

Last month, the City of Minneapolis launched its open data portal, a website that provides online access to municipally collected information.


MPS superintendent bids farewell to all-consuming job

Bernadeia Johnson (Credit: Charles Hallman)

Among the “frustrating challenges” she often faced during her nearly five years as Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) superintendent was the unfair “characterization” she received from some in the Bl


The Chinese Lao American with a Southern Laos Soul

If you grew up with the Lao community in the heart of Minneapolis, the cozy and heavily stocked aisles of New Orient Market was a familiar scene.

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