President Obama's executive order is a good first step, but the work continues

(Photos courtesy of Gamaliel Foundation)

Over past weekends, leaders of statewide nonprofit La Asamblea de Derechos Civiles have been gathering at local churches, meeting with the community, discussing the impacts of President Obama’s recently announced immigration relief.


Mizna shares artistic and literary contributions of Arab-Americans

Mizna executive director Lana Barkawi. (Park Bugle photo by Marina Lang)

Picture an ill-assorted group of urban dwellers who escape their stifling daily lives by spending their evenings smoking, drinking and joking, passengers aboard a houseboat as it floats down the River Nile under a jeweled sky.


Legacies, leadership and the Lao literary arts

Next year, the Immigration History Research Center is partnering with the Lao American Writers Summit to host a symposium marking 40 years of Lao in the United States. Saengmany Ratsabout framed the event by noting 'Lao refugees have been resettling in the United States since 1975, following a civil war complicated by U.S. intervention in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War."


'America, Here I Come': Book explores Somali immigrant experience

Hamse Warfa

The story of Hamse Warfa begins in a place not unfamiliar to many immigrants in Minnesota: Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia. But where that story culminates (at least for now), is quite unique: with a memoir Warfa released last month: “America Here I Come: A Somali Refugee’s Quest for Hope.”


Human rights claim possible as landlords target undocumented immigrants

(Photo by Andrew VonBank) Left: Human Rights Commissioner Kevin Lindsey testifies before the House Housing Finance and Policy Committee Dec. 5 during an informational discussion about the issue of landlords refusing to renew housing leases for individuals who do not have legal immigration status. Right: Mario Espinoza testifies at the hearing.

With the Twin Cities metropolitan area rental market the tightest it’s been in years, some people who are undocumented are falling prey to extortion by unscrupulous landlords, who seek to take monetary advantage of a potential tenant’s illegal status.


Dozens protest Uptown McDonald’s for minimum wage increase

(Photos by Sam Radwany)

Fast food workers, home health care workers, airport employees and dozens of supporters blocked traffic outside an Uptown McDonald’s on Dec.4, demanding a $15 minimum wage and union benefits. More than 50 protesters marched into the nearby McDonald’s where several employees walked off the job.


Bridging the generations: Hmong families come together in St. Paul

Two organizations, Hnub Tshiab (New Day) Hmong Women Achieving Together, and Koom Tes (Cooperation) hosted a two day intergenerational retreat for Hmong families in St. Paul on Oct. 11-12, 2014, at Wilder Foundation Center for Social Healing.

“I can be the role model that I’m searching for.”

That was the comment of one participant at the “Intergenerational Retreat,” a two day event that brought Hmong men and women together to discuss gender issues within the family system and in the community to learn to be more intentional about addressing intergenerational conflict.


Bill sets to block President's immigration action

Today the House of Representatives takes up H.R. 5759, the “Prevent Executive Amnesty Act.”Don’t feel bad if you’ve not heard of this bill. Introduced just two days ago, the bill bypassed any committee debate or discussion, going straight to the House floor today.


Chicano and Latino Studies department problems persist

Amid complaints that the Chicano and Latino Studies department is suffering from a lack of funds and resources, University of Minnesota leaders are reaching out to find solutions.


Reflections of New Minnesotans: Immigration reform and criminalization in the wake of #Ferguson

(Photo by José Luís Agapito published under Creative Commons License)

This week's guest is Emilia Gonzales Avalos. The discussion continues to explore President Obama's recent executive order on immigration. How does the order figure into the criminalization of people of color? What does the Ferguson grand jury's decision not to indict former officer Darren Wilson for the killing of Mike Brown mean for immigrant communities?

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