COMMUNITY VOICES | Faran Rabbani: My letter to President Obama

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As part of this great nation’s foreign policy, when injustice takes place in any part of the world, America usually takes a stand.


California Minuteman Ron Branstner to lead "Illegal Immigration Forum" at Willmar Library July 24

In Tuesday's Star Tribune, Alejandra Matos reports that the Immigration debate comes to Minnesota in force as politicians and immigration advocates and nonprofit groups that often serve traditional refugees struggle with the humanitarian crisis at the US-Mexican border.


Local church program aims to curb Islamophobia

(Photo courtesy of Kim Olstad) Participants line up to eat from the Iftar buffet at the end of the program.

Ikram Al Huq is short, but it is not his height that bothers him.

“If you don’t like me because I am short, that’s fine,” he said. “If you don’t like me because of my religion, that’s a problem.”


Abdulrahman Adem, respected Twin Cities Somali leader and longtime MPS staff member, dies at 58

(Photo from Facebook) Abdulrahman Adem

The Twin Cities Somali community has lost an esteemed leader and a passionate advocate for Somali families.


Rejecting Central American refugees — 1980s to 2014

During the 1980s, hundreds of thousands of Central American refugees arrived in the United States. Like the child refugees fleeing Central America in 2014, they were met with hostility, rejection and deportation. Though entitled to protection under international law, the Central American refugees of the 1980s and the child refugees today do not receive that protection in fact.


Asylum for migrant minors - A letter to HHS and DHS from teachers

This letter was sent to Sylvia Mathews Burwell, Department of Health and Human Services Secretary, and Jeh Johnson
, Department of Homeland Security Secretary, on behalf of the League of Latino


Five things AP didn't tell you about young immigrants

The plight of tens of thousands of children coming from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala is a political football, with slogans substituting for understanding. On July 9, AP published Young immigrants or refugees: 5 things you need to know — but their list omitted crucial information. Here’s essential information you need to know, but wouldn’t find in the AP article.


A nation of immigrants turns its back

Don’t call hundreds of thousands of people a “border crisis” and a “problem.” Start realizing that they’re refugees, whether officially stamped or not.


Reflections of New Minnesotans: Reactions to Central American refugees reflect attitudes towards people in crisis

Beyond thinking about immigration reform, what conversations are we having as a nation about advocating for Central American child refugees or turning them away? Navigate Minnesota's Emilia Gonzalez Avalos joins the show this week to discuss the ongoing humanitarian crisis pushing thousands of children to make the dangerous trek into the United States, and the implications of national reactions to the situation. [Audio below]

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