Bullies and building communities

It's October, so this is a good month to talk about the things and people that have scared us or tried to scare us over the years. Some of those fears were justified, and many were not. For those of us with roots in Laos and other parts of Southeast Asia who escaped the wars, this is an interesting question.


Minnesota groups set up Ebola aid, outreach

(Photo by Francisco Javier Argel published under Creative Commons License)

As Ebola rages on, Minnesotans are shipping massive containers filled with hundreds of thousands of meals, facemasks and gloves to areas overseas affected by the deadly virus.


Gutierrez calls for Latino voter turnout in Minnesota

(Photo by Eric Best) Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Illinois and Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minneapolis, pose for the crowd at the Oct. 8 event at El Nuevo Rodeo on Lake Street.

The nation’s top Latino elected official joined local leaders last week to encourage Minnesota’s Latinos to vote on Election Day.


OPINION | Long way from Togo: Adjustments to America prove difficult

It’s been said that everything happens for a reason. Yet the changes in my life since I moved from Togo a year ago have me questioning those reasons.


OPINION | Being Muslim does not mean less authenticity as an American teen

Lujain Al-Khawi

You probably think that I am going to write about my hijab, the difficulties I have faced in a predominantly Christian country, or some other predictable topic that Muslims write about.


Macalester students fight administration over controversial art project

(Photo by Michael Hicks published under Creative Commons License)

Students at Macalester College have once again demonstrated their ability to think constructively and enact change in the face of academic and artistic repression, even if the culprit is their own administration.


Citizenship Day comes to Lake Street

Anti-immigrant critics who complain that, “They don’t want to learn English and become citizens” should see the action at CLUES. The Lake Street office bustled with activity on October 11. About 30 immigrants and lots of volunteers showed up for Citizenship Day, ready to complete the 21-page application and move on to filing.


Q & A with Al Franken: Candidate shares his record on issues affecting East Africans

(Photo: Courtesy Al Franken Campaign) United States Senator Al Franken who is seeking a second term poses with members of the East African community at a past event.

What do you do in your office as a United States Senator?

As one of your two United States Senators, I have been working hard to pass laws that help all Minnesotans do better. My office also works with Minnesotans who need help navigating federal programs and services, including helping Minnesotans who are having trouble with issues such as immigration, social security, and Medicare. It has been an honor to serve Minnesota for the past five years. I’ve worked hard and gotten a lot done, but we can’t stop now. That’s why I’m hoping to be reelected to another term this November.


100 Stories, 365 Days: Immigrant stories get a hearing at Intermedia Arts

(Photos by Charles Hallman) Left: Tea Rozman-Clark (l) and Miguel Ramos; Right: Tea Rozman-Clark and Mary Voelbel at center of group of program participants

Each immigrant who comes to this country has a story to tell. The vast majority of them didn’t come to steal jobs, or rely on public assistance, but rather to provide for their families and create a better life for themselves.


Targeted programs could stop terror recruitment, say city and neighborhood leaders

(Photo by August Schwerdfeger published under Creative Commons License)

After months of scrutiny surrounding terrorist organizations’ recruitment in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, residents and city leaders are calling for more community resources and youth programs.

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