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Hooyah! The Brainpower State

Each day crashes wait to happen as kamikaze commuters pour out of University Parking facilities and attempt to reach southbound 35W.  The new bridge – an ugly 10-lane monstrosity - may have co


FREE SPEECH ZONE | A suburban senate race gets tough for right winger

Cyndy Brucato over at MinnPost wrote on 10/30/2012 that conservative Republican Senator David Hann (SD 48 - Eden Prairie, Minntonka) is avoiding questions about his employment.


FREE SPEECH ZONE | Minneapolis Police Conduct Review Panel positions to be filled only by opponents of police conduct review?

The first civilian members of the Minneapolis Police Conduct Review Panel, the poorly thought out substitution for the CRA, are about to be appointed. But the requirements for those 


Looking Forward, Looking Back: Black Women and the American Democracy

"Honor your own African American freedom fighting elders, aunties, mamas, unnamed ancestors and yourself in a special photo shoot. This is a special tribute to all of the African American women who are leading the struggle in Minnesota each and every day. As we know the time has come again for African American Freedom Fighting Sisters to stand up for voting rights once again. The “Voter ID" constitutional amendment in Minnesota is one that is specifically targeting African Americans and other marginalized cultural, economic and age demographics " 

-Call for Sistas in the Struggle for Deep Democracy photoshoot, Danielle Mkali

“The struggle recognition is the nexus of human identity and national identity, where much of the most important work of politics occurs.  African American women fully embody this struggle.” -Melissa Harris-Perry,  Sister Citizen, page 4.


FREE SPEECH ZONE | Blong Yang: A Breath of Fresh Air on the Hennepin County Board

Residents of the 2nd District of the Hennepin County Board have a rare opportunity to elect an inspiring new voice to the Hennepin County Board on November 6.  I have had the privilege of gett


FREE SPEECH ZONE | Hagaha Codeynta Eden Prairie

Somali Americans in Eden Prairie are staging an election rally on Saturday November 3 at 5:30 p.m. at the Eden Prairie Community Center.


FREE SPEECH ZONE | Ellen Anderson on Southwest Suburban Obstructionists

Former Minnesota State Senator Ellen Anderson comments on obstructionist legislators like David Hann who is seeking re-election to the Minnesota Senate.


FREE SPEECH ZONE | The invisible Americans

In this seemingly unending political campaign, these words are reverently uttered dozens of times: “the middle class”.  But there is one group that is rarely mentioned by either party, and nev


Major differences between Obama and Romney in education

There could be major differences for students and schools, depending on who is elected President.  That became clear after reviewing websites of Govern

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