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FREE SPEECH ZONE | EPA public hearing on Regional Haze (Boundary Waters air pollution) Wed, Aug 29th

The US Environmental Protection Agency usually delegates environmental permitting to the states and supervises with a light hand.  Minnesota is no exception.  But something called a "Fede


Memories and mentors: Transformational leadership in Lao American community

Minnesota just celebrated Lao Minnesotan Artists Heritage Month for the very first time. This made me think back to the SatJaDham Lao Literary project, which has many wonderful memories connected to Minnesota.  


Don’t miss LOLA 2012

This Saturday and Sunday, August 25-26, is the annual art crawl for the League of Longfellow Artists (LOLA). Over 115 artists will display their work at 69 sites throughout the Longfellow neighborhood. Whether you’re interested in painting, photography, pottery, jewelry—or any other medium—LOLA is your chance to see and buy quality local art.   


New report critical of HMO public health care contracting

The Greater Minnesota Health Care Coalition (GMHCC) has just released a white paper on HMO health care contracting entitled "Who Was Minding the Store?" The group will present its findings to the public during a Capitol press conference on August 23rd. GMHCC is a consumer advocacy organization that focuses on health care and other policy issues.


License Plate Recognition (LPR) document collection

In Minnesota, an increasing amount of attention has been paid to the use of license plate recognition (LPR) technology by municipal police agencies. LPR units are car-mounted recording devices that scan the license plates of passing vehicles. When used in urban areas, they often record thousands of such encounters per day.


E-DEMOCRACY | Pigs and public health

From: Marc Asch

Date: 8/21/2012 16:56 CDT

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