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THEATER REVIEW | Theatre Pro Rata does Shakespeare in the park right with "Twelfth Night"

Orsino (Derek Meyer), Viola/Cesario (MaryLynn Mennicke), and Olivia (Amber Bjork), the gender-bending love triangle at the center of Theatre Pro Rata's production of Twelfth Night - Photography by Grinkie Photography, LLC

If you’re wondering whether you should go see Theatre Pro Rata’s production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, I’ll make it easy for you: Go see Twelfth Night. It’s a perfect summer escape. It’s a light frothy romantic comedy that’s been trimmed down to size for outdoor performances. It’s a fast moving bit of fun to kick off a lovely evening.


Can you get fired for talking to a reporter?

So, what’s it like working for the clampdown?

For the past few weeks, I’ve wanted to pose this question to my friends and contacts who work for the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS).


What's needed to 'move on up' in Minnesota?

The scene opens to a shot of a rental truck rolling down the streets of Manhattan. Cue the music, “Well we’re movin’ on up.” A taxi cab trails behind the truck. “To the East Side.” In the back seat of the cab are George and Louise Jefferson, who are moving “to a deluxe apartment in the sky.”


Northside Forum builds alliances to bolster digital literacy

Forum participants engage in table discussion.

There was a time in our society when our relationship with technology was more like the Flintstones and less like the Jetsons.



Photos by David McCrindle

CHVRCHES played at First Avenue on Thursday, June 5.


NEWS DAY | Ancestry Books grand opening!

Chaun Webster and Verna Wong talking to neighbors about books. 

UPDATED 6/9/2014: After a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign and months of hard work, Ancestry Books is opened on Saturday.


MUSIC REVIEW | Erik Koskinen at the Icehouse

My 9-year old was just complaining because Real Phonic Radio is taking a break for the summer. Real Phonic is the monthly music show at the James J Hill Library. Aine and I are big fans. It was cold comfort to her that I was going to the Icehouse Wednesday night to see the Real Phonic house band Erik Koskinen. But at least I got my fix. 


THEATER REVIEW | Ghostbridge Theatre's surreal "Drowning" floats

Sheila Regan as Janelle in Drowning

The Twin Cities is full of little theater companies run by people committed to their concept and the chance to produce their work.


OUR STORIES | Nekima Levy-Pounds walks the walk for civil rights and social justice

Lawyer, professor, scholar-activist, preacher, mom, volunteer and blogger, Nekima Levy-Pounds has a lot on her plate.


"The Lake Street Cabaret" captures heart of diverse corridor at Patrick's Cabaret

Photo credit Wing Young Huie

Patrick’s Cabaret is taking a night (Saturday, June 7) to stop and smell the metaphorical roses in The Lake Street Cabaret. Scott Artley, performing arts curator for Patrick's Cabaret (PC), got the idea for the concept cabaret on his rides to and from work (located on Minnehaha and Lake). “Watching those cultures change was really interesting especially if you go over longer distance, seeing those incremental changes at each stoplight,” Artley said.

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