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"Littler Women" isn't so little at the 2014 Fringe Festival

Littler Women from The Buoyant Group doesn't portray Louisa May Alcott's classic novel to a T. The bones of the story are still there: four sisters (Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy) struggle with life in the absence of their war-bound father. Jo's the tomboy who's trying to get published and Beth's death is a major turn of event, in fact he play starts and ends with her death. The play ostensibly takes place in the 1900s, but there are plenty of modernized scenes strewed throughout, like one where the girls get tipsy on Malibu at a super sweet 16 party (it's delightful). 


Top Gun: the Musical at the 2014 Minnesota Fringe Festival

What would the Fringe be without a silly, over-the-top movie musical spoof?  Top Gun: the Musical, which played to a sold-out audience at the Illusion, has barely any plot, a cheesy love story, and lots of eighties music. If you stop and analyze , you'll hate yourself for loving it. But isn't that the point of the movie too?


The Tourist Trap and The Tiger in the Room at the Minnesota Fringe Festival

A couple observations: if I carry string cheese in a clear Ziploc, by the end of the evening it looks more than a little like I’ve got a baggie full of fingers. Second, the hardest part of writing reviews is finding ways to talk about shows that didn’t really do much for me. Murphy’s Law dictates that those shows will always include people I adore.


Our American Assassin, or You Can't Handle the Booth! at the 2014 Minnesota Fringe Festival

Our American Assassin, or You Can't Handle the Booth!, presented by Mainly Me Productions story by Josh Carson and Andy Kraft is playing at the Theatre in the Round. Just a note-while many of Mainly Me productions are all ages shows, this one is not. There is a lot of profanity.  But the show is clearly marked ages 16 and up on the artists page.


The Bother at the 2014 Minnesota Fringe Festival

The Bother, written, directed and performed by Rita Boersma, James Rone, and Jake Scott, is a complete and satisfying drama about a writer who thinks she's "losing her mind when she encounters the imaginary monster that terrified her as a child on a trip home as an adult." The writer, Bri, played by Rita Boersma, has made her career as a Young Adult writer. Her stories are based on that imaginary monster. But she is stuck, both personally and professionally. Is the monster real after all?


August 2nd Minnesota Fringe Festival shows: I Wanna Be a Catholic Buddhist Muslim Jew (and a Hindu Too): Abacanthus Art Theater

I Wanna Be a Catholic Buddhist Muslim Jew (and a Hindu Too)

By Abacanthus Art Theater

It's holy confusion when Jon gets sober and decides to seek God--but which one? And could he pick, like, three? His alter egos, including Zen Master Zero, Bob Ananda, and Father Duffy, have their own ideas...


August 2nd Minnesota Fringe Festival show: Me, My Selfie, and Eye: Powductions, Intermedia Arts

Me, My Selfie and Eye

By POWductions

A struggling theater major wakes up with her third eye open. They must fulfill her soul's journey without losing herself to her critical voice. Will they find the right lighting within for her selfie #NoFilter?


August 2nd Minnesota Fringe Festival Shows: History of Minnesota - Unscripted: The Theater of Public Policy, Bryant Lake Bowl

The History of Minnesota - Unscripted

By The Theater of Public Policy

A history class like you've never seen it before. Renowned Minnesota historians tell true stories of state intrigue and mystery - improvisers bring it to life through completely unscripted comedy theater.


August 2nd Minnesota Fringe Festival shows: Becoming Inga: By Twin Steer Productions, Huge Theater

Becoming Inga

By Twin Steer Productions

Heat things up with Minneapolis' sultriest chanteuse and its saltiest storyteller! "Becoming Inga" is a new show combining stories of sensual intrigue and original song by Colleen Kruse and Karen Vieno Paurus

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