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ARTS REVIEW | Trisha Brown Dance Company leave a legacy with "Proscenium Works" at the Walker Art Center

Photo courtesy Walker Art Center

The final tour of the Trisha Brown Dance Company certainly had a feeling of finality. Proscenium Works 1979-2011 is a boxed set containing three retrospective dance pieces and Brown's latest work, "I'm going to toss my armsif you catch them they're yours" which actually premiered in 2011. She has since announced her retirement from choreography with the company, assuming the title of Founding Artistic Director and Choreographer.


ARTS REVIEW | Sara De Brondt talks cultural design at the second installment of the Insights series at the Walker Art Center

Photo courtesty Walker Art Museum

The Walker Art Center (WAC) and AIGA-MN are co-presenting Insights, four lectures featuring leading graphic designers from around the world who have graciously agreed to share the thinking, methods, and processes behind their professional design work. The presenters have some intense labels to live up to: Lance Wyman/NY is called a humble master (of design) and a legend, Sara De Bondt/London, the epitome of a cultural designer, Martine Syms/LA, a "conceptual entrepreneur" (sic), and Henrik Nygren/Stockholm, a premier graphic designer.


THEATER REVIEW | Gremlin Theatre gets cozy with "A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur"

Photos By: 
Rene Meyer-Grimberg

After having lost their lease at their previous theater space, last week, Gremlin Theater's A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur (directed by Jef Hall-Flavin) lost its venue at the 11th hour because of a St. Paul zoning snafu. The stage manager, Sarah Bauer, explained how the artistic director, Peter Christian Hansen, spent hours with city officials looking for a loophole that would allow the show to go on in the house owned by St. Clements Episcopal Church in Saint Paul. Unbeknownst to the company and the church, the Blue House at 897 Portland Avenue was apparently not zoned for public events. Creve Coeur, unbroken, re-grouped and became resourceful by tapping into the local arts community. Thursday, March 13 they opened the show at the studio space next to the Open Eye Figure Theater.


More challenging than college: Laura Lechner on her IB experience

Laura Lechner participated in the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma program at Wausau East High School in Wausau, WI before earning her BA in theater at the University of Minnesota and then an AS in film at MCTC. She told the Daily Planet about her experience with IB.


College students on Advanced Placement: 'Complicated and fuzzy' but 'good way to prepare'

Louisa LIncoln

Louisa Lincoln took eight AP tests over the course of her four years at South High in Minneapolis, and took six AP courses, getting a three or higher on six of the tests.


Advanced Placement: A more flexible route for high school students

A few years ago, Minneapolis South high school decided to require all students take Advanced Placement (AP) U.S. History in 10th grade, “partly because we were seeing segregation in our building between AP courses and non AP courses,” South Engllsh teacher Corinth Matera said. “We didn’t like that segregation. We wanted every student to have that challenge.”


Recent graduates weigh in on International Baccalaureate

Singer Horse Capture

Isaiah Breen, who went to Southwest High School and received an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma, said his experience with the program prepared him very well for his college career.


COMMENTS of the WEEK | Why is pay lower for Northside teachers?

Nine comments came in last week on a blog about money spent for public-school teachers in different parts of Minneapolis: Minneapolis Northside schools deserve experienced teachers too, by Paul Schulz, Minnesota 2020, on March 13.


REVIEW | Wrestlepalooza III brings the best kind of bizarre to First Avenue

Photos By: 
Emmerlee Sherman

Friday, March 14th's Wrestlepalooza event, the third of its kind, saw three distinct Minnesota scenes converge on historic First Avenue for a rare and amazing variety show which provided an experience like no other.


Theatre Forever's "The Big Show" at the Southern Theater: Devised theater that asks big questions

Theater Forever's mission is to create new work that is “profoundly thought-provoking, delightfully playful and totally accessible. … The Company embraces the impulse to create the unforgettable and bring life to an art that exists beyond ourselves.”

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