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THEATER REVIEW | "Ghost The Musical" flashes more than shines at the Orpheum Theatre

Photo Credit ©Joan Marcus 2013

What is the key to a successful movie-to-musical transformation? Ghost (1990) was a sleeper blockbuster and is now considered a classic. The story is a bitter-sweet, cliché-ridden good vs. evil, embellished by the spirit world and ultimately crowned by the satisfying power of love. The movie starred Patrick Swayze at the height of his career, Demi Moore donning a cute pixie haircut and tearing up on demand, and Whoopie Goldberg, who won best-supporting-actress Oscar for the role. Ghost The Musical is anything but quiet or intimate, but remains true to the story. 


COMMENTS of the WEEK | Beyond 'Right on!' and 'Drop dead'

Many reader comments in the Daily Planet are of the “Right on!” variety, praising or thanking our writers for their reporting or opinions or both.


MUSIC REVIEW | Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds worth the wait at the State Theatre

Photos By: 
Ben Zvan

Nick Cave communes with the audience. Photo credit Ben Zvan.

It was 2001, September. I had tickets to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at the end of the month for my birthday. Then something a little bigger than a concert happened, and air traffic into the U.S. looked (rightly) like a very bad idea. The U.S. tour was postponed. Those of us with tickets were told we could get a refund then or hold our tickets to be exchanged when the show was rescheduled. I chose to wait, though I had no idea how long it would be. As it turned out, it was a very long time indeed. Oh, it was only another six months before the rescheduled concert, but I was never notified of the new date. Being busy with my job, I didn't stumble across the information on my own. I found out about it by reading a review in the paper the day after it occurred.


Two families say FAIR School fails to deal with bullying

Lisa Love vividly recalls watching the documentary film “Bully” with her sixth grade daughter in the fall of 2013. About halfway through the film, which features the experiences of young bullying victims, Love says her daughter broke down sobbing, saying, “This is what my life at FAIR is like.” Love knew then that she had to pull her daughter from the Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Resource School (FAIR School).


Fear, danger, poor leadership cited as FAIR School parents, teachers demand firing of principal

Screenshot shows FAIR English teacher Thomas Rademacher, 2014 Minnesota Teacher of the Year. Parents at FAIR value the teachers and school, but strongly criticize the administrative leadership.

High teacher turnover. A climate of fear and silence. Children put in dangerous situations. A lack of oversight, governance, and responsibility. Extremely poor leadership and communication.


Music in the Zoo features Aaron Neville at Weesner Family Amphitheater

Of all the classic melodies Aaron Neville cycled through on the Sue McLean stage June 19, some of the biggest crowd reaction occurred after the opening lyric to the Johnny Nash-penned “I


Students urge training in finances, debt control

Students entering the University of Minnesota should have an orientation program to help them manage their finances and control their debts, said a report from a student group to the Board of Regents.


University of Minnesota plans to become more engaged with its neighbors

University Vice President Pamela Wheelock said the opening of the Green Line through the campus and Stadium Village will forever change the campus. (Photos by Bill Huntzicker)

The University of Minnesota would promise to be a better neighbor to the communities that surround its Minneapolis campus under an “engagement” policy proposed to the Board of Regents on June 13.


American Indian parents demand changes in St. Paul school programs

SPPS superintendent Valeria Silva speaks to June 16 community meeting. (Photo by Sheila Regan)

Recent controversies within the St. Paul American Indian community over programs associated with St. Paul Public Schools (SPPS) have led to the director of the SPPS American Indian Education program requesting a reassignment within the district. Questions about the future of the program continue. Among the controversies: adoption of former director Rosemary White Shield’s proposed New Day model, staff restructuring, and criticism of how elections of the two Indian Education Parent Committees were conducted. The recent controversies add to ongoing criticism that Indian Ed fails to serve all Native students adequately and that Native students continue to be affected by the achievement gap.


NEWS DAY | Rain, rain, rain

Friday may be sunny — but rain is forecast to return on Sunday. 

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