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TC Weekend | Get into the swing of spring with the Saint Paul Art Crawl and more!

TC Weekend is back, a sure sign of spring! We've selected a few choice events to help you ease into the season. From Earth Day cleanups and One Day in the Twn Cities to literary readings and art showings, there's plenty on tap to help you get out and about this weekend!


Minneapolis school budgets — and a parent's passionate plea

Minneapolis Public Schools community engagement session (Photo by Sarah Lahm)

When community members showed up for a "community engagement session" on the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) budget, ready with lots of input for the district, MPS officials said that allocations for the 2014-2015 budget have already been made. Apparently, the MPS community engagement was planned as telling community members what the budget was, not asking for their input.


Longfellow Market: A new, old-fashioned neighborhood grocery opens for business

The owner of the new Longfellow Market on Minneapolis’ Lake Street hopes offer neighborhood shoppers an anti-Cub Foods experience.


Midway businesses meet, prepare for Green Line launch

As the June 14 launch date for the Green Line approaches, over 80 representatives from the government, local businesses and non-profit organizations attended the Midway Economic Development Summit on April 16.


REVIEW | For the Water: Much more than an exhibit at Intermedia Arts

On April 16, Intermedia Arts opened For the Water, an exhibit curated by local artist Camille J. Gage. For the Water showcases three water-inspired projects in the Intermedia Arts Gallery: Camille Gage’s I AM WATER, Sharon Day’s 2014 Ohio River Water (Nibi) Walk, and Ananya Chatterjea’s Mohona’s Estuaries of Desire. The exhibit features photographs, dances, and documentary journeys about the water, as well as an interactive art form to involve people’s participation and awareness for our water. According to Intermedia Arts, the exhibit also includes "the first-ever public display of Sister River, a collection of works created by fabric artists from around the world in honor of the 2013 Mississippi River Walk."


THEATER REVIEW | The American Dream goes up in smoke in "Detroit" at Jungle Theater

The cast of Detroit: Mary (Angela Timberman), Ben (John Middleton), Sharon (Anna Sundberg) and Kenny (Tyson Forbes). Photo credit: Michal Daniel.

The characters in Lisa D'Amour's Detroit at Jungle Theater are a mess. Take a suburban couple, add two just-out-of-rehab neighbors, and mix them on the lawn with alcohol and a grill. Stir vigorously, spice with lies and cascading revelations, and wait for problems to (a)rise. This delicious dish takes 110 minutes to prepare and is most definitely cooked on high.


Bad landlord update: Community members speak out

Khan property, on right, not repaired for years after 2011 tornado. (Photo courtesy of Debra Wagner)

Poorly maintained properties hurt property values in the neighborhoods they are in.


More segregation, higher discipline rates for black students in Minneapolis charter schools

According to data released by the Office of Civil Rights, all 44 Minneapolis charter schools have a student body that consists of over 40% students of a single race or ethnicity. Of these schools, two are completely racially segregated, meaning there are only students of one race enrolled in the schools, and 13 others have over 90% students of one race or ethnicity. A total of 10,949 students were enrolled in Minneapolis charter schools during the 2011-2012 school year.


Minneapolis School Board candidates give their solutions to public school problems

Candidates address the audience about how they would solve problems in public education in Minneapolis. Photo credit: Stephanie Fox

Delegates to the April 26 Minneapolis DFL City Convention, along with a handful of parents and educators, sat in the half-filled auditorium April 17 at Sabathani Community Center to hear candidates for the Minneapolis School Board give their views on what can be done to improve public school education in the city. The forum was sponsored by the Coalition for Quality Public Schools, a group focused on addressing racial and economic disparities in local schools.


MUSIC REVIEW | Joe Pug, Malamanya and Erik Koskinen on Real Phonic Radio at the Hill Library

This month was an eclectic lineup for the monthly Real Phonic Radio performed at the James J Hill Library with some Cuban salsa, folky Americana, alternative country and a little poetry thrown in for good measure.

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