FREE SPEECH ZONE | Sad clouds hang over St. Thomas Law graduation


5 thoughts on “FREE SPEECH ZONE | Sad clouds hang over St. Thomas Law graduation

  1. I absolutely agree with this protest and article and thank you greatly for standing up for justice! Delahunty, Yoo, and the other lawyers who gave the legal greenlight to torture must be held accountable. It’s unbelievable that they haven’t been disbarred, and that the DOJ hasn’t prosecuted them. Let’s keep working to make that happen.

  2. Great article and I hope many St Thomas alumni read it.  How shameful this man is teaching lawyers.

    I can’t understand how a “Christian” University can continue to allow this man to teach their students.   If I was on the board i would be outraged.


  3. There should be special awards for those courageous Minnesota residents who protest an accredited law school’s employment of a torture-supporter.  For what else could one call Robert Delahunty who gave the U.S. military authority to use torture against prisoners?  He is as guilty as those who actually performed “waterboarding” and other unspeakable violent acts. 

  4.    I applaud the protester’s efforts.  I wish I had the dedication and will to carry out such protests.  I am of advanced age, and have served honorably in the Navy, and U.S. Marine Corps.  It has not escaped my observation that about the only war criminals that are prosucuted are those on the losing side of a conflict.  There is little doubt, in my mind, that these men are war criminals.

  5. I had Delahunty for Con Law  last semester and had a confrontation in class about the torture.


    I tried really hard in that class and got the first “C” of my high school and college career that has spanned 4 years of undergrad, 5 years of technical schools and over 45 years.


    I have a feeling that although our tests are anonymous – he figured out it was mine and gave me a lower grade than I deserved – I might be sour grapes for getting such a low grade – but anyone that advocates US torture does not understand the moral tenets which were laid down in colonial America and has no business teaching Constitutional Law.


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