The Sabo Bridge and the right-wing attack on urban aesthetics


2 thoughts on “The Sabo Bridge and the right-wing attack on urban aesthetics

  1. I think the extreme ugliness and unhuman scale of much of what passes for architecture in the US raises all sorts of questions about where our culture is going….we need to think about this a lot more.

  2. I do agree that aesthetics are important, and the nice bridge probably helped make the Midtown Greenway as successful as it has been.  However, whenever people start complaining about costs, I think it’s important for people to know the context.  I’d really like to know how much a standard bike bridge would have cost in this area — it would still most likely have a cost in the millions of dollars.  I’ve also heard that the presence of light-rail tracks and electrified catenary right next to the highway helped justify the decision to build a cable-stayed bridge with only a single support column on the side opposite the LRT tracks.

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