FREE SPEECH ZONE | Queen of Torture Visits St. Louis Park


The first war criminal to visit Minnesota since the infamous 2008 RNC dropped in to Beth El Synagogue, Sunday, November 8 for a big time fund raiser.

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Condoleezza Rice, the queen of torture and rendition, helped build the coffers of the synagogue and line her own pocket with a private discussion with a few hundred close contributors. A dedicated group of peace lovers and torture detesters (150 or so) gathered to welcome her appropriately, peacefully and piercingly.


Several dozen cameras covered the outside events and a few were allowed in. According to footage aired by the MSM, no recording was permitted of her remarks. Don Shelby introduced her and Norm Coleman was seen in rapt attention.

It’s a sad commentary that uncharged criminals like Bush, Cheney, Gonzales, Rice and the others run lose, lining their pockets as thousands continue to die because of their reckless, selfish actions.  It appears that money continues to trump justice. No decency for the elite.


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