Quang Restaurant on Eat Street


Ah yes, a brown holiday season, but still chilly. Not Minnesota at its finest, I must say. Yes, I’m still hoping against hope for some of the white stuff (and I started to type “shite stuff”) before Christmas rolls around.

But, if you have to be out and about, and you’re cold, and it’s Friday or Saturday, can I make a recommendation? Stop by Quang on Eat Street. You can start with this, if you’re really hungry:

Fresh spring rolls with shrimp, pork and vegetables. Yum.

But they won’t warm you up, even though they’ll make you happy. No, what you need is this:

Bun Ca Kieng Giang–or sea bass and shrimp noodle soup, served only on weekends. I’ve heard so many people rave about this sea bass soup, but either I haven’t been in the ‘hood on a Friday or Saturday, or the weather was warm and I didn’t want soup. So when I recently found myself nearby with time to spare, an appetite, and bundled up against the cold, I decided to check it out.

The fact that the menu lists it at “market price” gave me pause; I asked what the day’s price was, and it was $13. For a bowl of soup. Still, sea bass is expensive, so I splurged.

You know what? Worth every damn penny. The bowl is huge, so I took home half, along with half a spring roll. There was a surprisingly good amount of sea bass in the soup, and oh my, it was so good. So good. It just melted in my mouth, and gave the broth a wonderfully warm and comforting flavor, not at all fishy. I did eat all the sea bass while at Quang, as I wasn’t sure how it would reheat. The broth and noodles reheated most excellently, and a little dash of Sriracha sauce livened it up even more.

Would I order this again? Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes.

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