Bicking out, Dolan in, the CRA plods on, and everything remains the same

Last winter there was quite a hullabaloo when Dave Bicking was not reappointed to the Minneapolis Civilian Review Authority Board (CRA) and Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan was reappointed to his position on an 8-5 vote by the City Council.


Cleaning the slate: Second Chance on the Hill event rallies for justice

James Cannon shared his personal story at the Second Chance rally.

James Cannon admits he had a privileged life.


State firearm background checks or not

Minnesotans currently wanting to buy a handgun or semiautomatic military-style assault weapon from a federally licensed dealer must first obtain a state permit through their local police after a


Second Chance Day calls for an end to 'lifetime convictions'

One in six Black Minnesotans cannot vote because they are either incarcerated, on probation or on parole.


Hung up: Budgets keep cell phones from cops

When a shifty character enters a store and acts suspiciously, the staff may call 911.


Mpls firefighters train Kenyan counterparts to use donated truck

Donated pumper truck arrived in Eldoret, Kenya a year ago. -photo courtesy of City of Minneapolis

A group of Minneapolis firefighters and others are now in Kenya to provide firefighting training.


One last 2010 memory

I had just picked up a pizza and was heading home at about 8:15 tonight. It was snowing a little and some of the streets were pretty slippery because we had some thawing temperatures over the past few days followed by a quick freeze today. There were waist-high piles of frozen snow lining the road.


Grandstanding on gun rights: What exactly is state representative Tony Cornish pushing in aftermath of Arizona?

Bluestem readers know that I favor gun rights, and my position might not be the most popular one in America right now, especially among my friends on the left. So be it.


Trans woman murdered in Minneapolis, vigil planned for Jan. 21

Minneapolis via: wikipedia

Chrissie Bates, a transgender woman who lived in downtown Minneapolis, was found murdered in her apartment on Monday in what police are calling a homicide.


Minnesotan DFLers call for civility in wake of Arizona shootings

At the inauguration ball celebrating newly elected Gov. Mark Dayton on Saturday night, DFL members of Minnesota's congressional delegation weighed in on the shooting of Rep.

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