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One time librarian and former executive director of the Minnesota Coalition on Government Information I am currently a very happy independent consultant exploring untold options.  My passion is to contribute the bit I am able to an informed and engaged community in which everyone's story can be told - and heard.  This means using a dynamic array of media - newspapers, websites, television, radio, social media and whatever comes on line tomorrow.  It means being willing to plumb the depths of a story - and it means having the courtesy, if not the intellectual curiosity, to learn from others.

My sons are both enmeshed in the information maze.  Rick Birmingham is the Manager of IT Services  at MAP for Nonprofits.  Steve Birmingham works his magic on the public access terminals in Hennepin County Library.  Grandson Will Birmingham, 19 months, loves food, slides, puddles and books - in that order.

A graduate of what was then the College of St. Catherine I went on to get a MS in Library Science.  Truth to tell, I didn't work in real libraries that much, but I did work 18 years as Director of Metronet, a collaboration of nearly 600 public, academic, corporate, medical, school and other libraries and information services in the TC's. 

In recent years I've worked in a number of consulting positions, most notably the Sisters of St. Joseph Ministries Foundation.  As a hapless volunteer I've worked with a host of nonprofits including the Minnesota Coalition on Government Information, Learning in Style, the DFL Education Foundation, the Village Farmers Market among others. I've also written several pieces for TCDP.  In recent weeks I've been joined the throngs of scribe wannabes by launching my own little blog called Poking Around With Mary - because poking around is what I do a good deal of the time.

Favorite Places: 
St. Anthony Falls and the Coast of Maine
walking, poking around, reading
Learning about places, information pockets, ideas

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