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About me

I'm an artist most of the time, I paint and draw and sometimes those paintings and drawings are actually good. I always feel like I never have enough time to make art, but I think I just feel that way at the moment. My artwork is beginning to change so I'm not even really sure what it's about right now. I'm just trying not to take on too much so that I have time to figure it out.

When I write about art I'm usually cranky, so I apologize if I sound like I'm yelling at you (although, I'm sure some of you out there derserve to be yelled at). There's just so much that goes unsaid that maybe people could benefit from hearing. I'm gonna try to say that stuff without sounding like your mom.

Wish me luck.

Favorite Places: 
I like being at home. And sometimes the airport, but only for the sake of traveling... I don't just "hang out" at the airport. I bet you expected me to name a coffee shop or something.
drawing, writing, eating snacks, reading, watching documentaries, swearing way more than I should
art, exploitation cinema, miniatures, sparkly things, boots

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