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Democrats need to watch their language

No, that title doesn’t mean Democrats need to stop swearing. Ever been to a DFL meeting? You could broadcast those without a seven second delay; not with much audience except the five Republicans hoping something stupid will be said, but certainly without fear of FCC fines. I’m referring to our actual verbiage. The way we communicate.


Obama speaks at Lake Harriet

President Barack Obama continued to denounce Republicans in the last speech of his two-day trip to Minnesota.


A "Fortnight for Freedom" and the tyranny of belief

At the exact same time as the disastrous sectarian (religious) war in Syria and Iraq, another religious inspired event, an essentially covert religious “war” of its own, is being marketed in the United States. It began on June 21, Summer Solstice, and runs through July 4: a fortnight involving an annual natural phenomena, a national holiday and a religious initiative. It is quite a marketing package.


Video: Obama tours the Twin Cities

Obama goes to Matt's bar in Minneapolis to meet a woman who wrote him a letter about her economic troubles. He has a Juicy Lucy hamburger and later gets ice cream at the Grand Ole Creamery in St. Paul.

President Obama in Minneapolis Thursday and Friday

President Obama will be making a couple public appearances in Minneapolis this week. On Thursday at 2:10 there’s town hall forum at Minnehaha Park, right near me but I have to work, figures. It’s invitation only and I don’t know how invitees were picked. I’m not one is all I know. Security will be presidentially tight like is normal at presidential events, but living close by, I know how to sneak in along the river and through the woods. I’m kidding!! I’ve been through the security to attend presidential events, and they lose some glamor. If I can’t sit down at some point and get some water, I don’t think I want to do that again. And no, being the local DFL chair doesn’t get me anything in terms of notice or entry or anything.


New Bell Museum: A tale of tenacity

Rep. Alice Hausman was understandably upbeat after the 2014 session of the Minnesota Legislature. After a 10-year struggle, funding for a new Bell Museum of Natural History—and planetarium—was finally secured.


Orthodox Republicanism after Eric Cantor

David Brat’s defeat of Eric Cantor should comfort neither establishment Republicans nor Democrats. His victory portends threats to both parties. For Republicans, it suggests a continued ideological divide, for Democrats, a vital threat in 2014 to the electoral prospects.


Opposites detract

A new study says polarization has increased in the American electorate over the past 20 years.


President Bill Clinton brings a little story-telling, a little preaching to Minneapolis

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton on Monday (June 9) again deftly displayed his storytelling skills to an almost packed house at the University of Minnesota's Northrop Auditorium. Amidst his tales, the 42nd president sadly noted today’s present political landscape. Politicians must start speaking honestly about issues that concern all Americans, Clinton said, even if that means they “must risk” not being elected or re-elected.


President Bill Clinton's advice for broadband expansion in rural Minnesota

Last night I saw President Clinton speak to a sold out audience at the Northrup Auditorium as part of the Keeping Faith with a Legacy of Justice series. OK his main topic might not have been broadband, and really many he never used the word broadband but he had some good advice for a more civil society and I think the lessons he offered would be helpful to adopt when looking at deploying border to border broadband in Minnesota.

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