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Marguerite Spencer: University of St. Thomas adjuncts should not unionize

The University of St. Thomas adjunct faculty members have been voting on whether to unionize since July 03.


Are you a troll?

Last year, our federal government shut down. In 2011, Minnesota’s government did the same thing. Clearly, as far as governments go, we are struggling to come up with a functioning public policy consensus. But this problem extends beyond stalled governments. It has woven its way into the very fabric of American culture, taking over our way of life, and if we are not cognizant of it, it will surely have its way with our nation’s economy and political scene.


Crisis at the border: We must ensure humanitarian protections work and American values are upheld

While the impact of the refugee crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border is being felt most dramatically in Texas, Arizona, and other southwestern states, we can expect it to affect us all. On just one day this week, The Advocates for Human Rights—based in Minnesota and about as far from the Mexican border as one can get—interviewed two unaccompanied children, ages 9 and 14, and a mother who, with two children under 5, fled their home countries and endured horrendous journeys to get to the border and to safety.


Minnesota’s Palestinian and Jewish communities react to escalating clashes in Mideast

Meredith Aby-Keirstead, spokesperson of the Anti-War Committee that organized the Tuesday demonstration. (MinnPost photo by Ibrahim Hirsi)

Escalating violence in the Mideast is prompting local demonstrations of solidarity with Palestinians as well as reactions from Minnesota lawmakers and a leader in state’s Jewish community.


OPINION | Youth Congress commemorates Mississippi Freedom Summer

The 50th Anniversary of Freedom Summer was celebrated June 25 – 29 during a convening in Jackson, Miss.


Am I proud of America?

We could see the St. Paul fireworks clearly from our livingroom, plus two more distant fireworks. Very nice. We did not like the two rockets set off in the street next to our building by some idiot, which wizzed up and exploded just above us. Another idiot was continuously yelling, maybe in response to the fireworks, though it sounded as if he were saying, 'I am here. For God's sake notice me.' I like fireworks, though I don't go out of my way to see them.


Gov. Dayton: Too early to decide on special session for flooding

Governor Mark Dayton says he is still waiting for more damage assessment of Minnesota's flooding to decide if he needs to call a special session of the legislature. This [past] week the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) [was] in Minnesota looking at the damage and many counties still haven't estimated how much it will cost to repair the damage since they are still fighting the floods.

Compulsory death

Because “freedom” is as American as God and apple pie, it’s surprising that the editors of the MIT Technology Review have not been charged with treason. In one of the MIT articles titled “Hacking the Soul,” Gabriel Kreiman, neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School, says that studies suggest, “all actions are the result of neural computations and nothing more.” So “there is nothing really free about free will.”

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