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Torrey Westrom voted to cut child protection services funding in 2011

Child protection services politics in Minnesota have long been contentious, with cries for reform going up when a child dies, as is the circumstance with the death of Eric Dean,MORE »

Mehr Jay Shahidi: Is this Cold War 2?

The editors of Time magazine needed almost 6 years to pay attention to my article published in Twin Cities Daily Planet on September 8, 2008, in which I stated that Cold War Two had started (see Ti


Lobbyist influence in the 2014 legislative session

Many of us learned about government and how it works by watching “I’m Just a Bill on Capitol Hill.” Part of the ABC School House Rock series, it depicted the process of how a bill becomes a law in Washington, D.C. It describes the role of citizens, members of Congress, and the president in legislating. Yet it left out an important actor–lobbyists. In so many ways, legislating would be impossible–good or bad–without lobbyists, and that is equally true in Minnesota.


Is Minnesota ready for recreational marijuana?

(Photo by Paul Battaglia) A young visitor checks over her dad's answers to the annual House opinion poll at the Minnesota State Fair.

Minnesota State Fair polltakers are narrowly opposed to the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state but strongly support same-day voter registration and lean toward increasing the state’s gas tax for road and bridge construction.


BEHIND THE STORY | Bringing everybody together for Generation Next

Generation Next has been in the news recently after the organization, led by R.T. Rybak, revealed their  “Action Agenda” about how the they will take steps to close the achievement gap. The nonprofit is modeled after a successful partnership in Cincinnati called Strive Together, which brought together businesses, government leaders, school districts, nonprofits and community groups to breach the disparities between white students and students of color. Rather than embarking on a separate program of their own, Generation Next is building a coalition of different stakeholders and resources. 


Solidarity rally for Mike Brown, against police brutality draws nearly 1,000

(Photos by Katie Nelson)

Twin Cities residents continue to feel the reverberations from the early-August shooting of an unarmed Black teenager by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo. with local activists calling for more tools, training, transparency and accountability within local law enforcement in order to curb racial injustices within the criminal justice system.


Three cheers for Title IX, Mo’ne, Maya, Lindsay and all the Lynx

The Little League World Series just ended and the whole world now knows about Philadelphia's talented Mo'ne Davis. The second round of the WNBA gets started Friday night and our Minnesota Lynx will be trying for a third national title in four years.


U.S. rejects claims that it targeted civilians

AP -- The United States government has flatly denied accusations that its military used excessive force or targeted civilians during its attack on what it says was a terrorist encampment along Sand Creek in the Colorado Territory.

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