Poet to Poet: John C. Rezmerski


2 thoughts on “Poet to Poet: John C. Rezmerski

  1. Hello Professor Rezmerski,

    I was a student of yours during the 1970’s — egads. It could be said your class was my favorite Gustavus scholastic experience, memory, how ever should I describe it?

    The fact that I remembered your name; think you look very much like I remember; AND I remember one of your works tucked away in the crevaces of my brain… “The World is Like An Orange…”

    Good Grief! It’s been a long time, and I still remember. LOVE the written word. My life’s journey after 1978 Gustauvs graduation described in 50 words or less. 1978-84 in Minnesota: NFL Vikings Public Relations; Advertising/Promotion Agency. 1984-to present in Southeastern Pennsylvania: Advertising Agency; Inhouse Corporate Advertising; Sole Proprietor Marketing Consultant; Weekly Newspaper Writer & Photographer; Award-winning Daily Newspaper Photojournalist; Community News Coordinator/Newsroom Office Manager. Thank you sir, for your creative influence.

    Leslie Hackett Ballantyne, GAC class of 1978
    P.O. Box 1114
    Doylestown, Pa. 18901
    Calkins Media since 1999

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