The Pig Ate My Pizza—and I ate the pig


One thought on “The Pig Ate My Pizza—and I ate the pig

  1. My friend and I (we’ve visited Travail many time since opening and also Victory 44 before the split), tried The Pig last Saturday.  I must say that the pizzas looked really good, however, we opted for the Margharita, one regular crust and one gluten free.  Both were just plain not good, bland, and hardly any sauce, tiny shreds of basil and cheese that appeared curdled on one and not the other (??) No wonderful pizza aroma wafting from the ovens and we also observed salads and other dishes being assembled with bare hands by the chefs, a real turn0off, sorry!  We mentioned our disappointment re the pizzas and were given no remedy, so as I cannot understand why the simplelist of pizzas cannot be done right, customer service sould be considered and perhaps we could have been offered something else to try, we couldn’t eat ours, I took the remains home to try the next day and same result, ugh!

    If I were to have pizza anywehre, it would be PUNCH PIZZA, cosistantly great and flavors / aromas and flavors that linger and make you want to go back.

    We went next door to Nona Rosa’s for a lovely dessert and cordial and vowed we would stay away from THE PIG, just not all that.

    RC and JE

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