Out of the closet: Michele Bachmann as new American boogeywoman


10 thoughts on “Out of the closet: Michele Bachmann as new American boogeywoman

  1. This slanderous assault nn Bachmann by Broderick does not even pretend to be journalism. It features unbalanced ad hominem attacks and snarky remarks without any backup as well as outright perversions and distortions of Bachmann’s articulate views.

     The reference to “pathological lying” might be more accurately applied to Broderick, who manufactures out of whole cloth non-existent bogeyman positions for his hate object, Michele Bachmann, e.g., his reference to a  “primitive form of theocratic Social Darwinism,” which exists only in his own fevered brain.

     It is beyond bizarre that the Daily Planet would give space to an unhinged, over-the-top screed by an unknown “community college poet and activist” (really impressive!).

    Unlike Matt Taibbi, Broderick may not have plagiarized much of his jihad against Bachmann. However, Broderick’s originality is the originality of a monomaniac.

  2. Typical liberal comments made in this article.  Of course we lead off with charges of racism and hating homosexuals.  Nothing new here.

  3. ol crazy eyes here is not only a shill but a distraction to democrats everywhere, what they are trying to do is take our mind off the seats in the senate and house that will be open in 2012. Unlike the posts so far, Americans are generally intelligent, and will not fall for this awkward poser.

  4. Bogeyman only for the demented left in the MSM. Bachmann is now tied with Romney in the polls.The hate Bachmann crowd must be in mourning.

  5. Though blog posts in the Daily Planet are typically only moderated, not edited or proofread, we appreciate you noting this error and have corrected it. Thanks for reading.

    – Jay Gabler, associate editor

  6. Just read her own quotes and watch her videos, etc., Lindsey. On the other hand, I never said she hates homosexuals, just implied that she’s married to a man who claims he can cure ’em. To which I say, “Physician, heal thyself!”

  7. But you might do well to look up its meaning. If you’d actually read what I wrote rather than spitting your morning coffee all over the computer screen as soon as you read the first paragraph, you will see that I am counseling people to avoid attacking Bachmann personally — or even focusing over-much on her as “the enemy.” But of course, that’s probably expecting a bit too much acumen on your part.

    As for monomaniac — well, I guess I just don’t quite see how you came up with that one (and besides, don’t you think it a bit paradoxical to accuse me of snark and ad hominem attacks in a comment made up of nothing but snark and ad hominem attacks?). I am most definitely not obsessed with Bachmann and am advising everyone else not to be obsessed with her or any other individual politician, either. The truth is that the only thing the least bit obsessive about my feelings toward her is this terrible fear that sometimes wakes me in the night that if I ever get into a staring match with her, she’d turn me into stone with her Medusa gaze. That’s why, like Perseus, I’ve taken to carrying a shield at all times, just in case I run into her in the skyway or maybe some cave in the Aegean.

  8. Tied with Mitt in the polls? Wow! That’s kind of  like being in the running to be the last choirmaster on the Titanic, isn’t it?

    Hate to break it to you, Derek, but the “demented” left (BTW, is that an example of the ad hominem attacks you despise so much?), should be praying on bended knee that Bachmann wins the GOP nomination. It may be the only way  the hapless Barack Obama can win in 2012..

    And so I guess that must mean that Michele is part of the liberal-communist-secularist-athiest conspiracy to ruin America by giving “the little man in the White House” (as a Tea Partier once described Barack Obama to me — she was thinking of the word “boy,” but just couldn’t get it out) a second term?


    Just askin’…

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