Our very own settler problem: America’s Culture-of-Gun-Deaths


One thought on “Our very own settler problem: America’s Culture-of-Gun-Deaths

  1. This is why I am proud to call Georgia my home!


    Freshman Rep. Charles Gregory, R-Kennesaw, has four bills that would effectively make Georgia an open-carry state, including in churches and on campuses. He hasn’t taken any action beyond pre-filing the proposals before the session began and he conceded that he has laid no groundwork with Ralston or other House GOP leaders.

    #“I’m still new to this process,” he said. “My strategy is that I know how important Second Amendment rights are to Georgians and to several members of the General Assembly. So I will do everything I can to move these bills forward.”

    #Another pair of bills, each with multiple Republican sponsors, would exempt a Georgia-made weapon from any new federal restriction on firearms. Another would bar state law enforcement officers, prosecutors and other government employees from enforcing federal gun restrictions on Georgia-made weapons

    You see they have the solution to both gun violence and joblessness on the table. I am going to look into manufacturing trench mortars in Atlanta (for hunting purposes only)

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