OPINION | Rural mental health in crisis


2 thoughts on “OPINION | Rural mental health in crisis

  1. What a wonderfully insightful article! This really made me think about the assumptions I make about rural life (as the hip city dweller that I am). Great job Meg Reid, and great job Daily Planet! There is much to be proud of here. 

  2. As someone who has bipolar disorder and who is living in the city, I am very thankful for the services that I have here.  I do think that if I was to leave the city, I would be able to make it work, but I know there would be more challenges.  The idea of telemental health is really quite interesting, and I hope as technology improves, proper care will be increasingly accessible.  Now, I just need to get past the strangeness factor with doing therapy over Skype :).

    I covered this article on my blog, Bipolar Today, since I thought it could really help generate an interesting discussion.  If anyone is interested, the page can be found here.

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