OPINION | Earth without art: Insights on the Chicago teachers’ strike


One thought on “OPINION | Earth without art: Insights on the Chicago teachers’ strike

  1. As a former science teacher I appreciate this article and hope that many read it and support the teachers in Chicago.  I am quite disappointed in the lack of support for Chicago teachers in the press and from Mayor Rahm E.  I still work with teachers and know that their day is dominated by district mandated math and reading guidelines.  Math and reading are important, but only a part of a well rounded education.  Don’t we want to first teach kids to love learning?  If this is the case we need to be broad and creative, and trust the teachers in the classroom to do their jobs- not constantly test and control.  Teacher do not want to strike.  They suffer for a long time before they do and we should all listen and work to support the caring Chicago teachers who not only want to teach students, but need to have an environment where it is possible to teach.

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