Ahmed Tharwat: The Hijab... my family and me

Hijab, the traditional Islamic head cover, has triggered lots of discussion and debate in the west for years, The west has been paying so much attention to Muslim women’s dress than Muslim women’s


When it comes to climate change, our feelings do matter

If you’re anything like me, you’re seeing daily headlines about climate change and the catastrophic consequences. When you see another article about species extinction, or sea level rise, or increasingly severe storms, do you stop and click through, or do you wince and scroll quickly down the page in favor of cat videos or that new Marcel the Shell video?


Journalism — let's try to keep it around

(Photo by Roger H. Goun published under Creative Commons License)

In the future, there will be no journalism. I’m almost sure of it.


OPINION | An ethics officer can help reform the Minneapolis Police Department

To Mayor Betsy Hodges,

Last month, I attended a forum at the Minneapolis Urban League about police-community relations. One of the panelists, longtime community leader and media presence Ron Edwards, pointedly mentioned that all of the debates about problems of police conduct were not so different from debates in the 1960s — we’ve had 50 years of a community looking for positive reform but getting very little.


OPINION | Thoughts on race after "Let's Talk: Ferguson"

The following are some thoughts after attending “Let’s Talk: Ferguson” at Penumbra Theatre, Wednesday, September 10. Sarah Bellamy hosted panelists Dr. Matthew Johnson, Ricardo Levins Morales, and Dr. Soolin Pate. Artistic readings were given by Malik Curtis, Erin Washington, H. Adam Harris, and Gebreil Khadar.


OPINION | Building equity in Dayton's Bluff and beyond

Until recently, many Twin Cities residents were oblivious to the fact that our metro region ranks among the worst in the country when it comes to racial disparities in employment, education, housing and incarceration. These disparities are particularly bad between whites and African Americans, and whites and Native Americans. But disparities have become a common theme in politics in the Twin Cities. Politicians are constantly talking about eliminating disparities and closing gaps.


Anti-police brutality protestors march on MPD Fourth Precinct

“Indict, convict, send them killer cops to jail; the whole damn system is guilty as hell.”

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