OccupyMN, Oct 15, 2011


One thought on “OccupyMN, Oct 15, 2011

  1. I would like to voice my opinion about the lack of support the participants have recieved from our elected officials. Occupy MN was a planned LEGAL activity for which all proper permits required by the county and the City of Minneapolis were obtained to peacefully assemble 24 hours a day in support of OWC. Having issued this permit until 1-1-2012, you would hacve to know that people would need to camp at the site. How unfair. To further escalt this assault on the demonstraters, after the second day of the assebly the elecricity was cut off. When protesters errected shelter their tents  were confiscated by police in the early hours of the morning. These  same officials earlier allowed the tents to be erected in front of the PRESS! Tell me, Who here is in support of these barbaric means of countrol by county and local officials?

    In Solidarity, Joe Hill

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