Creative compensation: Is Barack Obama the Dave Grohl of graphic design?


One thought on “Creative compensation: Is Barack Obama the Dave Grohl of graphic design?

  1. When the economy takes a down swing (and we’ve had a doozy lately), the first people to be let go from internal departments are the graphic designers. Companies figure that it is a service which they can outsource and reduce their overhead. I get it. But what that means is that freelance designers and independent design agencies need to be able to charge reasonable fees in order to keep food on the table and the economy moving.

    Contests are fine for students who are learning a trade, but this “contest” and other crowd-sourcing efforts damage designers’ ability to earn a living because it devalues our work. It has the net affect of reducing a client’s expectation for how much they should pay for a given service – a logo, for example.

    The topic at hand is a very high-profile project. What message does it send about the value of what we designers do for a living? Does the government hold contests for other professionals? I highly doubt it. What they are really saying is that they think what we do is a glorified hobby, and we should feel lucky that they’d even consider allowing our work to be used in their noble efforts.

    They are parasites.

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