Chaudhary to chair Environment and Natural Resources Committee

A long-time sportsman and outdoors activist, State Senator Satveer Chaudhary (DFL-50) has been selected by his colleagues to chair the Environment & Natural Resources Committee. The appointment comes after the Minnesota Conservation Federation named Chaudhary its 2005 Legislator of the Year.

The appointment reflects a legislative career marked by leadership in environment and outdoors advocacy. He has served as the vice-chair of the Senate Game & Fish Subcommittee, a member of the Legislative/Citizens Commission on Minnesota Resources, as well as serving on the Senate Finance Committee and as a Majority Whip for the DFL Caucus.

“As chair, it will be my goal to bring common sense policy-making to the outdoors and environment,” said Chaudhary. “Sportsmen and environmentalists alike can expect a common sense advocate.”

Chaudhary’s legislative record exhibits extensive work on environmental and outdoors advocacy. He co-authored the Dedicated Funding bill, the Clean Water Legacy bill, and served as the chief author of the new Shooting Range Protection law, along with the Roadsides for Wildlife program.

“I believe I can steer a balanced ship, but at the same time move forward on important environmental and outdoor issues,” Chaudhary said. “As a member of the Environment Committee, I have worked hard to bridge the political gap between environmentalists and sportsmen.”

In accepting the appointment from Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller (DFL-Minneapolis), Sen. Chaudhary laid out his vision for the state.

“Every Minnesotan deserves the freedom to seek the spiritual, creative, and intellectual renewal that nature can provide” he said. “We must learn that there is no difference between the environmentalist and outdoorsman. All benefit from clean water and more habitat. All have a voice. In this pursuit, we must promote tolerant attitudes toward environmentalists and hunters alike. Environmentalists must stop seeing hunters as gun-toters, and hunters must stop seeing environmentalists as tree-huggers. Sportsman or wildlife activist, there can no longer be a contradiction in being both.”

Chaudhary will begin official committee meetings in January when the 2007 legislative session begins. Among the items he has pledged to deal with in the coming months are disputes over where and how ATVs can be used in Minnesota, and the effects of a changing world climate on the Minnesota environment.

“I will devote considerable energy to finding an ATV solution,” he said. “I will work tirelessly to promote job growth that benefits the environment and that preserves our resources for sustainable job growth. I will bring global climate change to the forefront of our discussions.”

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    Common sence: Perhaps it's

    Common sence: Perhaps it's time to treat homeowners, property owners to the same values as wildlife areas, conservation areas. That being if a utility is required to build sevice infrastructure to serve the populace, and the route choice is between ones home or above mentioned areas, guess what? The infrastructure is going through your home. In other words conservation areas are higher priority than humans. Common sence????