The E-Democracy Debate: Walt E. Brown

Walt E. Brown

This is the sixth in a series of statements from candidates participating in E-Democracy's online gubernatorial debate. Today's opening remarks come from Quit Raising Taxes Party candidate Walt E. Brown.

Hello, I am Walt E. Brown, your “Quit Raising Taxes” Party candidate for governor of Minnesota. I am grateful to and the Blandin Foundation for giving me the opportunity to participate in these debates. Very few organizations have the courage and genuine kindness to offer a minor candidate like myself a platform for sharing ideas and policy positions on an equal basis with the major candidates. The citizens of Minnesota ought to take notice and enthusiastically applaud their efforts.

I am a concerned Minnesota citizen from Detroit Lakes. I am a business man and a campaign consultant with a legal background. I am family friendly and education minded. I have a lovely wife, Janice, who is a nurse and property manager and mother of our three teenage daughters and nine year old son. Also, Janice will be having our fifith child any day. These days are exciting!

My newly formed party speaks volumes regarding my political ideaology and policy positions. Quit Raising Taxes. Politicians from all parties have neglected their responsibilities when it comes to the genuine needs of Minnesotans. Sportsmen, homeowners, businessmen and farmers alike can easily recognize that our taxes are constantly and needlessly being raised. The raising of fees, permits and licenses is the raising of taxes. I am asking the citizens of Minnesota to join me in sending a message to St. Paul by voting Walt E. Brown for governor - that message is “Quit Raising Taxes.”

Thank you, and may God grant you wisdom and grace in your voting decisions.

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