Nisswa’s Adirondack Coffee


I mentioned earlier this week that I recently stopped in Nisswa. Besides the fact that I like Nisswa and its collection of fun shops, I had a specific purpose for taking a slight detour off Highway 371.

Adirondack Coffee. This is a sweet little coffee shop and cafe, nicely set up with its northwoods theme.

Cozy couch in front of the fireplace. Speaking of the fireplace…

It faces out onto a roomy deck. I can’t help but wonder if this deck has been in use this winter, given the unseasonably warm temps we’ve had. Just think how cozy it would be to curl up by the fireplace, drinking a latte, while breathing some nice crisp (but not icy) fresh air.

I did have a latte, and it was lovely. But my primary purpose in stopping was this:

I am hopelessly addicted to their cinnamon coffee. Hopelessly. It’s not sweet, not spicy, just fragrant and flavorful. I might have bought multiple packages this trip. Regular and decaf–covering all the bases.

Laurie once pointed out that I could simply sprinkle cinnamon onto my ground coffee before brewing, which I do when I’m out of the Lake Country Cinnamon. But with all due respect, Laurie, it’s not the same. For that full cinnamon-y goodness, I need to frequent this fine Nisswa establishment.

Woe is me if they ever discontinue this flavor.

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