News Day

T-Paw signing off - in 2010

As Governor Pawlenty announced that he would not run for a third term as governor in 2010, it seemed that no other news could compete.MORE »

Cutting St. Paul ash trees

Under attack by the emerald ash borer, St. Paul trees began to fall to the chainsaws of the St. Paul Parks & Recreation department on Tuesday. More than 50 infested trees in the St.MORE »

MN Job Watch

According to Minnesota Lawyer, Dorsey & Whitney laid off 38 support staff in MinneapMORE »

Ammonia leak in Swift plant

In Worthington, several Swift plant employees were hospitalized after an ammonia leak on Tuesday morning shut down the JBS Swift Plant, MORE »

Vampire news of the day

In what has to be the lamest vampire attack ever, 45-year-old Jonathon Sharkey, "The Impaler," pleaded guilty to gross misdemeanor counts of harrassing a teenage girl via email, after she tried to endMORE »

Schubert vs. solar

Minneapolis decided to use most its $3.6 million in federal reconstruction money to fix up the Schubert Theater rather than to fund a solar energy project.MORE »

News Day: GM in MN / Franken-Coleman blow-by-blow / Health care saga / more

We’re trying out a new format – headlines here, individual articles when you click on individual headlines, or the entire blog on one page when you click on the MORE »

MN GM dealers: Who's going down?

Minnesota has 149 GM dealers, reports MPR, and Tuesday they will learn which dealershMORE »

War Reports

Somalia Five police were killed in a roadside bombing, and government forces retook a police station that had been overrun by rebels, MORE »
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