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NEWS DAY BLOG | Just saying no to unallotment / headlines

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Chief Ramsey County District Judge Kathleen Gearin ruled against Governor Tim Pawlenty's use of unallotment to balance the state budget, but what does her ruling mean for the future?


NEWS DAY BLOG | Regulating big money - and skewing the news

The House of Representatives passed "reform" legislation that fails to adequately regulate the derivatives market (though it does provide some consumer protections vis a vis credit card companies.) Why should you care? Derivatives trading is used as a way to get around regulation of the stock market, and includes the risky repackaging of debts and mortgages that led directly to the current economic mess.


NEWS DAY BLOG | Hmong refugees, Rohingya refugees, MN and world headlines

Hmong refugees back in Laos - and now the Rohingya will be sent back to Burma Despite fears and international protests, the Thai government forcibly repatriated 4,000 Hmong refugee


12/28/09 | Hmong refugees forcibly repatriated to Laos / more

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Thailand sent soldiers into a Hmong refugee camp to force 4,000 Hmong back to Laos on Sunday, ignoring U.N. protests and letters from nine U.S. Senators, including both Senator Al Franken and Senator Amy Klobuchar. The Thai forces will first transport the Hmong refugees to a staging area and then into Laos, with plans to complete the entire operation within 24 hours. MORE

Also in today's headlines:

• Mark Dayton talks to Star Tribune about long-term depression, alcoholism, relapse and recovery
• Protesters face off with Iranian government - with deadly consequences
• First U.S. case of highly drug-resistant TB
• Minnesota Olympian Lindsay Vonn injured in Austria - broken arm? MORE


NEWS DAY | Iran police kill protesters / Mark Dayton on depression / Olympian Lindsay Vonn injured / Drug-resistant TB

In Iran, government forces killed a number of protesters and arrested hundreds Sunday.


NEWS DAY | Forcing Hmong back to Laos

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Thailand sent soldiers into a Hmong refugee camp to force 4,000 Hmong back to Laos on Sunday, ignoring U.N. protests and letters from nine U.S.


NEWS DAY | Snow to bombs

Snow-pocalypse, Snowmageddon, call it what you will - The Twin Cities got everything from snow to sleet to rain over the Christmas holiday.


NEWS DAY | A tale of two sheriffs

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Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher is raising all kinds of ethical issues with a recent fundraising effort, and across the river, Sheriff Rich Stanek's newest initiative seems to b


NEWS DAY | Reforming health care and the Senate / WCCO changes / Demonstrations around town

Reforming health care - and the Senate In two sunrise votes on Tuesday morning, Senators continued the march toward approval of their version of health care reform. Republican opponents can delay a final Senate vote until Christmas Eve - and then comes the conference committee. Paul Krugman says the Senate needs reform, too.  MPR looks at some local impacts of health care reform.

Big change coming at WCCO CBS mandates merger of radio, TV websites

Demonstrations everywhere From Minnetonka to the Governor's mansion

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