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NEWS DAY | Who gets to sleep? High school vs. kindergarten in St. Paul

Does helping high school students learn have to mean making life and learning more difficult for first-graders? That’s the question many St. Paul parents are asking, as St.


NEWS DAY | Let them eat cake

Food stamp help takes a hit November 1, as benefits decrease for hungry people across the country.


NEWS DAY | Protesting the R word

Despite protests and please, the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority announced October 26 that they will go ahead and allow the use of the derogatory team nickname of the Washington NFL franchise in the Metrodome at the November 7 game. The American Indian Movement — AIM of Twin Cities and AIM Patrol of Minneapolis — had called on the MSFA to ban the use of the mascot and logo inside the publicly-funded stadium and now plans to protest the game.


Obesity solution: Better junk food or food justice and urban farming?

Junk food can end obesity insists David Freedman in the current edition of The Atlantic. He also maintains that poor people are more obese and that they can't/won't eat fruits, vegetables and other wholesome foods. Thus: better junk food is the healthy solution for poor people.

Really? I have a few choice words for Mr. Freedman, but better than my words — let's take a look at people who are working to provide a different answer, in poor neighborhoods and inner cities.


Getting your taxes on — where to find free tax help

Do you know anybody who likes filing tax returns? Okay, maybe the EZ form is fine if you have just employer and no fancy stuff. But what if might be eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, or even the Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled?


Racial disparities in hiring? Just slash human rights budget

(Photo, courtesy of HIRE, shows demonstrators assembled to deliver petition to Governor Dayton.)

Last week a coalition of community organizations asked Governor Mark Dayton to veto Republican-backed legislation that will slash the Minnesota Department of Human Rights budget by a crippling 50-65 percent.  The mission of the department is to:


"Streamlining" endangers environment, takes away local control

Jim Falk, a fourth generation farmer from Swift County, warns that pending legislation billed as "streamlining" environmental protection actually endangers community rights and local control.

The Minnesota Environmental Partnership is hosting a Stop the Rollback news conference at the State Capitol (Room 125) this morning (March 3) at 10:30 a.m.


"Strong Schools, Strong Communities" plan proposes mergers, changes for St. Paul schools

With a $27 million shortfall in 2010 and a looming $20 million shortfall in 2011, St. Paul schools have been faced with hard choices.


NEWS DAY | "Me llevo a la migra"

“The Border Patrol took me.” That was the Facebook message from Mary Givins, a librarian and native-born U.S. citizen who lives in Tucson. She had been visiting in Mexico, a short visit, along with her adult daughter, Luce Guillen-Givins, who is also a native-born U.S. citizen (and lives in Minnesota). Why were these two U.S. citizens detained for eight hours by the U.S.


NEWS DAY | Jobs in Minnesota, floods in Pakistan, fires in Russia

Minnesota added 9,800 jobs in July, and the unemployment rate held steady at 6.8 percent, compared to a national unemployment rate of 9.5 percent. The increase in jobs is particularly significant, given that government employment in Minnesota dropped by 9,100, including 1,400 temporary census jobs. Overall, Minnesota employment has increased by 29,100 during the past 12 months.

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