1,000 march in Minneapolis to protest Israeli bombing of Gaza

Video below

More than 1,000 people of many ethnic groups and many faiths gathered at 44th and Central in Northeast Minneapolis to rally in support of the Palestinian people on the day Israel invaded Gaza with army troops. The death toll is estimated at 274 Palestinians, mostly children and women, and two Israelis. The rally was organized by the Anti-War Committee.

There was a counter protest of Israel supporters seeking cessation of the Hamas rocket assault.

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  • This march took place in Columbia Heights, not Minneapolis per the current headline. I think we are all horrified by the deaths in the Middle East, but only one of the protestors in the video acknowledged the only reason Israel has chosen military options is that Hamas is attempting to kill people with rockets fired from Gaza. Folks should be protesting at the embassies of those countries supplying arms to Hamas and Palestinians should condemn Hamas violence. A free Palestine depends on peaceful diplomacy, but as long as there are armed radicals who feel differently, there will be nothing but death and misery for Palestinians in the region. Centuries ago there was a time when Jews and Moslems lived together in peace and if they can rediscover the teachings of their religion to do so again, the world will be a better place. I think what all people of the world need to protest is any regime that bases government on religion, for from Israel to most of the countries of the Arab world and South Asia, horrible violence and death is the result. - by Bill Kahn on Mon, 07/21/2014 - 10:23am

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Misrepresenting the conflict?

These demonstrators may have chosen not to speak about the rockets launched by Hamas.  Are they naive?  Are they misrepresenting the story of the conflict?

Their cries for Free Palestine remind us that there is more to the story than the mainstream media cares to share. We've been told the rockets are the cause of this conflict, while the violence of occupation, the suffocation of a blockade, and the Palestinian right to resist have received little to no attention. If we're not hearing this crucial part of the narrative, people must find ways to tell it, to fill in this gap, even if it means that their telling of the story may come across as incomplete.