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My first paying job, way back in the day, was as a writer. I wrote a weekly column for the Litchfield Independent Review during my high school days, with columns ranging from investigative reporting to opinion. Since then, I've been in and out of writing — books, news reporting, a syndicated newspaper column, curriculum writing, free-lancing, editing, and even teaching writing — along with detours into strange jobs such as gym teaching and lawyering. For the past seven and a half years, the Daily Planet has been my all-consuming, more-than-full-time work. Now I'm heading out for new adventures. 

I began at the Daily Planet as a temporary, interim editor, a position that soon turned permanent. Looking back, I'm proud of what we have accomplished at the Daily Planet, and especially of the deep connections we have built with many communities and the wonderful writers who have practiced their reporting craft here. Some are still writing for TCDP, and some have moved on, but it's been a privilege to work with all of them — and also with the contributors to Community Voices. 

The personal highlights of my time Daily Planet were so many that it's hard to choose a few. Maybe assigning and editing education coverage that focused on achievement gaps and testing and teachers in 21st century Minnesota, which brought me full circle from my first investigative reporting on the town/country achievement gap, testing and teachers. Or getting tear-gassed while reporting on the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul — just 40 years after getting tear-gassed while demonstrating at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. 

My work and life have always included a strong focus on social justice and activism, and that won't change, as. I look forward to continuing to write and teach. You can find my writing at — and I've given TCDP permission to republish blog posts as they choose, so you may see my byline here as well.

I'm very happy to see Kristoffer Tigue taking over the editor's job, and look forward to seeing how he leads the Daily Planet forward from here. 

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Mary Turck

Mary Turck (maryturck [at] gmail [dot] com) is a freelance writer, editor, teacher, and lifelong activist, and former editor of the TC Daily Planet.


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Will Miss you Mary

Thanks for your encouragement and supporting community voices.


Mary, your strong creative influence in/on The Planet is evident perhaps not to everyone, but surely to any even marginally-critical reader of TDP. Now retlired, I include your sheet in my daily morning mental ablutions, along with the STrib and NYT, both also on-line. Your leaving will force me to follow a lonstanding plan to drop by and make eye contact, as well as get a walk-thru of your plant[s]. See you soon! JD

Thank you, Mary!

I would also like to thank Mary for her years of dedicated service to the community. The Daily Planet was simply the tool she used to carry out that service, and I'm sure she will continue to serve in new ways going forward. I also appreciate the many hours she took out of her day to meet with international journalists from around the world and providing insight on how new media works at the grassroots level. All the best - Daniel