Minneapolis Taco Tour draws a crowd to Lake Street

East Lake Street hosted the Taco Tour, an event highlighting  the flavors of Latino food on Saturday, June 28. Fifteen restaurants along Lake Street -- from Gorditas el Gordo near 35W to El Norteño, close to the Mississippi -- participated in the event. Diana Flores, Event Production Manager, said, "We expected around 900 participants, but we got 2,500."

Taco Tour participants received two free taco tickets to specific restaurants, and they could walk, take a (bilingual) tour-guided bike ride, or hop on a school bus to collect their tacos. Taco Tour diners filled school buses at the K-Mart parking lot starting at 11 am, and the buses circulated up and down East Lake Street, making stops at the 15 restaurants on the route until 5 pm.

The Latino Economic Development Center (LEDC) and the City of Minneapolis sponsored the Taco Tour as a way to celebrate the Latino district and its restaurants. Event organizers were overwhelmed by the response to the event. Participants registered ahead of time, and tickets sold out before the event. 

UTKU Productions provided event organization and LCN media helped with communications for the event. 


The restaurants included in the Taco Tour:

A la Salsa
920 E. Lake St.
Ph: 612.872.4140


Don Chilo Restaurant
417 E. Lake St.
Ph: 612.821.1695

El Burrito Mercado
920 E. Lake St.
Ph: 612.224.9286


El Norteño
4000 E. Lake St.
Ph: 612.722.6888

El Nuevo Rodeo
2709 E. Lake St.
Ph: 612.728.0101


Gorditas el Gordo
211 E. Lake St.
Ph: 612.824.4002


Imperio Maya
417 E. Lake St.
Ph: 612.825.2215


La Alborada Market
1855 E. Lake St.
Ph: 612.481.1389


La Loma Tamales
920 E. Lake St.  #155
Ph: 612.728.9591


La Mexicana Super Mercado
1522 E. Lake St.
Ph: 612.722.3331

Las Mojarras Restaurant
1507 E. Lake St.


Taquería La Hacienda
334 E. Lake St.
Ph: 612.822.2715


Taco Taxi
1511 E. Lake St.

Taquería Los Ocampo
809 E. Lake St.


Sonora Grill
3300 E. Lake St.


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